Marvel's Hulk and the Fantastic Four's famous Thing may possess similar powers when it comes to their raw strength, but there is more than one reason why they do more harm than good when brought together. And in one team-up story, the Hulk's powers have an unexpected effect on Ben Grimm... which almost results in his death.

The fact that Ben Grimm retains his intelligence in his superpowered form gives him a massive edge in any fight (and that fact that he's so strong, he actually stole one of Superman's powers doesn't hurt either). But comic fans know that Hulk can take as much damage as he can deal, having absorbed Marvel's hardest punch -- which includes a punch from The Thing -- and lived to tell the tale. But the biggest difference between the two is their views on companionship and teamwork, especially in the comics. Unlike the MCU version of Hulk, comic book Hulk tends to destroy the relationships he builds with his allies. So it's no surprise that when the Hulk and Thing teamed up in Fantastic Four #167, they mixed about as well as fire and gasoline.

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While the Fantastic Four are trying to cure the Hulk and bring back Bruce Banner, The Thing spends more time with the Jade Giant (understandably best at feeling Hulk's pain). Soon, Ben becomes disoriented by the gamma radiation that's leaking from the Hulk's body, losing sight of his friends and their mission, and helping Hulk break out of the Fantastic Four's laboratory, hands joined, by any means necessary. It doesn't take long for Reed to discover that the gamma radiation leaking from the Hulk's body may eventually kill Ben, sending them all in pursuit of their frenzied friends before it's too late.

Eventually, the Hulk and Thing are found by the Fantastic Four, with the ensuing battle going completely against them. But just when Reed is about to be fatally smashed by Hulk, The Thing wakes from his disorientation, and saves his friend -- but no sooner does he save the day than he becomes dizzy and begins to transform back into his human form. Luckily, his transformation is incomplete when the Hulk punches, and sends him flying off the gateway arch. He's also lucky because his friend Johnny Storm ensures that The Thing lands safely on the ground. Even though the Hulk tries to kill The Thing for betraying him, and comes within seconds of pulling it off, the massive shock to his system cures him instead, temporarily returning The Thing to his human form.

Knowing the Hulk once beat an opponent by falling on them, there's no doubt that the Hulk is one of the strongest Avengers, if not the strongest. But where there's strength, there is also weakness -- and one of the Hulk's greatest weaknesses is his lack of camaraderie.

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