Fans of the Marvel Universe may debate the strongest hero, and question the supremacy of the Hulk. And while Hulk may have been laid out cold from time to time, his true strengths shows when taking one of the hardest hits ever thrown in Marvel's history... and he doesn't even flinch.

Fans know that once the Jade Giant gets fired up, it's better to keep at a safe distance. The Hulk's fury is so threatening that it once crossed over into the DC Universe. But fans also know that the Green Goliath can take a punch -- and that even when he's being beaten down by the strongest heroes and villains, he generally finds a way to get back up on his feet. So when Earth's mightiest superheroes gather in Hulk and Power Pack #4, writer Marc Sumarek and penciler David Williams' reveal that they're in for a rude awakening.

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After the Power Pack teams-up with the Jade Giant to take down the Abomination -- or as Katie Power a.k.a. Energizer says "The 'bombilation" -- an army of supers arrive at the scene to interrogate the Hulk, thinking he's the one who is wreaking havoc on the city. The Power Pack attempts to reassure the army of supers that the Hulk is not the culprit, but they ignore the children's reassurance and try to interrogate him anyway. But the Hulk refuses to talk, and begins smashing every super in sight whether they be Avengers, Defenders, X-Men, Fantastic Four, or the Silver Surfer. When the army of supers realize they can't defeat the Hulk individually; an enlarged Yellow Jacket, The Thing, Colossus, Wonder Man, and Hercules deliver an all-powerful punch that sends the Jade Giant into a starry-eyed daze. But it's not enough to immobilize the Hulk.

Unlike MCU's witty professor Hulk, the Hulk in Hulk and Power Pack #4 can't be reasoned with. After the team of supers deliver an all-powerful punch, the Jade Giant rises to his feet, raises a ginormous slab of concrete above his head, and just before he's about to smash everyone who's antagonizing him, Iron Man blasts him. Though, the battle rages on and it's not until the Power Pack superhero Energizer absorbs a significant amount of gamma radiation from the Hulk's cells does he stop smashing and becomes Bruce Banner once again. But for every action there is an equal and or greater reaction and that reaction is that after Energizer absorbs's the Hulk's gamma radiation, she too Hulks out! Just before she smashes Banner with her big green fists, the gamma radiation blasts from her body and into the sky; thus, freeing her of her transformation.

Even though the Hulk is a superhero and one of the Avengers, he tends to get on everyone's bad side, there's that time when the Hulk gives Thor his most humiliating defeat and even Hawkeye has been thinking about putting the Hulk down for quite some time. But it's hard to be a good guy when one's alter ego is a raging green monster. Although the Hulk has made Bruce Banner's life a living hell, Banner owes his greatest happiness to the Hulk. Sometimes, rather than trying to run away from one's demon, they should face them head on or embrace them.

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