Here's a guide to some of the best easter eggs featured in the 2015 Mad Max video game. George Miller was a doctor before jumping behind the camera for 1979's Mad Max, a post-apocalyptic b-movie that starred an unknown Mel Gibson. The film became a cult smash and Miller and Gibson reunited for 1981 sequel Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. This follow-up greatly increased the scope and vehicular carnage of Miller's dark vision of the future, proving greatly influential on the genre and being acclaimed as one of the best action movies of all time.

Third time wasn't the charm as Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome proved. While certain elements of this 1985 sequel have become iconic in their own right - like Tina Turner's supporting turn or the titular dome fight - it's mostly a dull slog that's hurt by an ill-fitting PG-13 rating. George Miller had no interest in revisiting this universe until inspiration way back struck in 1997, which later gave birth to the concept for Mad Max: Fury Road. The fourth movie spent a protracted stay in development hell before finally hitting screens in 2015. Tom Hardy took over as the title character while Charlize Theron stole the show as Furiosa.

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That same year also saw the release of the Mad Max video game from Avalanche Studios (Just Cause). The game gives players a massive wasteland to get lost in, and here are some of the best easter eggs that can be discovered along the way.

Dinki-Di Dog Food

Fine cuisine is hard to come by in the world of Mad Max, with the title character having to resort to dog food in some cases. Followers of the series will note the cans he eats from are Dinki-Di, which is the same brand Mel Gibson's Max eats in Mad Max 2.

Half-Life 3

Before the arrival of Half-Life: Alyx, it appeared that franchise was unlikely to return. Hence this bleak little nod to the still unmade Half-Life 3, where players exploring the "Crit Canyons" area can find the decayed body of Gordon Freeman next to a crate bearing the number 3; Freeman's severed arm also holds a crowbar.

Hitman Rubber Ducky

Rubber ducks are a recurring easter egg in the Hitman franchise, and while scavenging around The Dunes, Max comes across a gore-soaked tub with a duck on it. A bald corpse is also found nearby.

Just Cause's Rico

Given that Avalanche also developed the Just Cause series, this reference was inevitable. In The Big Nothing section of the map, the body of Rico - complete with trademark parachute and grappling hook - can be found atop a pole.

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Fury Road's War Rig

The War Rig from Mad Max: Fury Road is that entries' most iconic vehicle and its remains can be found in a tunnel in the Rot ´N´ Rusties area of the game world.

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome Plane

Maybe the best easter egg in the Mad Max game, the crashed plane from Beyond Thunderdome can be found in The Dunes, looking just like it did in the movie. A lone Christmas tree can also be located nearby.


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