There are many different combinations in the world of MBTI® personality types, but one of the most individualistic and specific is the INTJ type. This MBTI® personality type stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging. In that sense, it's an even combination of critical analysis and interior feelings.

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INTJs are among the personality types that are most interested in genre television programming, as well. From fantasy to sci-fi to high concept comedies, the world of genre shows is a well-trodden one. It's also one that has plenty of recommendations (and warnings to steer clear) for the INTJs of the world.

10 Love: Game Of Thrones

Any list of genre shows would be incomplete without the granddaddy of fantasy television, Game of Thrones. Because the show is derived from a series of dense tomes, the HBO series will delight the Thinking aspect of INTJs.

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However, there is also a ton of nuance to the show, which is indisputably one of the best ever made. This aspect will make Intuitive-leaning INTJs cherish every episode of rife emotional storytelling about humans in a chaotic world.

9 Hate: Lost

Speaking of chaos, has any genre show embraced the on-the-fly storytelling elements like Lost did? The high-concept mystery drama had some of the most thrilling peaks in the history of television genre shows and it also had some of the most disappointing resolutions.

Ultimately, there is just not enough on Lost for the INTJs to hold onto. A lot of thought went into the show from its creators, for sure. It just wasn't the kind of thought that would hold up to the scrutiny of INTJs.

8 Love: The Good Place

The Good Place absolutely belongs on a list of genre shows because its ambitions were set in the fantastical world of the afterlife. NBC's latest hit comedy came to an end earlier this season, but not before making its mark as an INTJ classic.

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For all the silliness and high concept fantasy that existed on The Good Place, it also dabbled deeply in philosophy. The thinkers of the INTJs would definitely unite around this element.

7 Hate: The Twilight Zone

Similarly, there is plenty to think about when it comes to The Twilight Zone, an acclaimed genre anthology series from the 1950s and 1960s. At least, this is true when episodes are on.

But by the end of each episode of The Twilight Zone, INTJs will feel disappointed and empty. That's because Rod Serling's writing and narration are often so on the nose that it does not inspire much critical thinking beyond initial shock value. INTJs will have to seek out the more thoughtfully crafted episodes or else they'll risk hating the show outright. (The reboot from Jordan Peele is also par for the course.)

6 Love: Wilfred

For years, many networks speculated about what the next Lost would be on television. But what many did not realize is that FX had it all along. Wilfred, the fantasy comedy series about a man (Elijah Wood) who talked to his neighbor's dog (Jason Gann), was the successor to Lost.

Its high-concept mystery and its unpredictable twists and turns made it a thrilling ride from start to finish. At the heart of it, though, Wilfred was the story of a lonely introvert who did his best to find his voice in the world. That's a dream come true for a story-loving INTJ.

5 Hate: Once Upon A Time

The only thing Once Upon a Time had in common with Wilfred is that both were fantasy series. But Once was far more appropriate for children to watch.

It was a fantasy world of Disney characters interacting with one another and engaging in soap opera-esque plots. In that sense, it accomplished what it set out to do in fantasy television. But it is not the kind of show for INTJs to pore over and analyze.

4 Love: The Mandalorian

When Game of Thrones went off the air, many wondered if any series would fill the monoculture void that the HBO juggernaut left behind. It turns out a different genre show (one that was set in the world of sci-fi and space) would be the one to do it.

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The Mandalorian on Disney Plus is also a perfect show for INTJs. Why? Because it's about a loner in the world who learns to access the intuitive feelings beyond his stoic, judgmental persona.

3 Hate: Westworld

Originally, it seemed like Westworld would be the heir apparent to Game of Thrones. However, it has not caught on in the cultural conversation in the ways HBO might have hoped. It certainly did not catch on for the INTJs of the world either.

Like LostWestworld seems preoccupied with developing the most shocking ways to subvert audience expectations without necessarily laying the groundwork to do so. It's an ambitious series, but there's not a lot in it for INTJs to hold onto.

2 Love: The Haunting Of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House, the best horror series to come from Netflix so far, is a perfect show for INTJs who feel like Introversion is the primary initial in their personality type. The show itself is isolated by design. And it's also a perfect watch for a lonely October night.

What The Haunting of Hill House does so masterfully, too, is it causes viewers to consider their own lives and familial histories. There's a lot to think about in the show and much of it even goes beyond the show itself.

1 Hate: His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials, a joint production from BBC and HBO that aired last fall, is a fantasy series based on Philip Pullman's book series. Unfortunately, it fell flat when it was released to viewers.

INTJs were among the most prominent personality types to experience dismay while watching the show. There was just nothing fun or thoughtful about the show when it came out, aside from its cast. It simply existed as a paint by the numbers fantasy series that ultimately felt like a pale imitation of greater works. INTJs saw right through it.

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