The first season of Netflix series Dead To Me ended on a shocking cliff-hanger when (spoiler alert) Jen killed Steve in a fit of rage and his lifeless body was floating in her pool.

Throughout the second season, friends Jen and Judy almost got caught multiple times as they attempted to hide and get rid of the body, then pretend like they had no idea where Steve was.

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Sometimes, things came dangerously close to them being booked, questioned, and sent to prison. But some moments were more nail-biting than others.

10 Karen Reveals Her Fancy Security System

At first, Jen tried to politely decline an invitation from her nosy and annoying neighbor Karen to come share a bottle of orange wine. But when Karen began to discuss her fancy new security system and its amazing resolution and all the detail it captures, all saved to the cloud, Jen suddenly acquired a taste for this bizarre wine.

Karen shared footage that clearly showed Steve arriving at her house, yet still wasn’t able to convince Karen to delete it. Thankfully, nothing ever came of it.

9 Karen Says She Saw Steve Go To The House

Jen could have perhaps rested on the fact that maybe Karen doesn't review every second of the 24/7 footage, but then Karen noted that she saw a man come to the house, which means she had looked at some of it.

Not only that, but when she met Ben, she was sure he was the same guy and even said as much to him before Jen quickly called her drunk and delusional and sent her packing.

8 Judy Tells Ben Jen Worked With Steve

In one of her, as Jen called it, "confessy" moments, Judy accidentally let it slip that right before he went missing, Steve was working on a big real estate deal with Jen and pulled out at the last minute. Clearly, this made Ben a bit suspicious. That sounds like a motive to me!

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Thankfully, Ben seemed to have blinders on and his romantic interest in Jen made it easy for him to believe her lies about not having seen Steve after and that business deals "fall through all the time" so it was no big deal.

7 Charlie Takes The Car

It was one of the most shocking moments of the season. Charlie goes to his mom's storage unit thinking she might have a sweet ride hidden away there for him for the day he gets his driver's license. Lo and behold, he finds an expensive BMW.

There is stuff in the car that clearly indicates it's owned by someone else. But Charlie is a teenager so he doesn't really think this through. Instead, he picks up a girl, goes speeding around town, gets caught parked and making out, and even takes photos with the car that his girlfriend posts to her Instagram! Ugh!

6 Parker Sends The Photo Of The Car

Jen acted quickly when she realized this and visited Parker, the girl in the car with Charlie, with a tray of cupcakes and a plea to take the photos down with the argument that Charlie could get in trouble because he doesn't actually have his license yet.

Parker extorts Jen for $1,000 but she gets her way and phew! Another bullet dodged until Parker then vandalizes the house and calls the cops, sending them the photo that Jen and Judy then have to somehow explain away as a silly misunderstanding.

5 Charlie Notices Steve's Car In The Vigil Video

As a vigil takes place on the beach for Steve, Ben runs a slideshow of childhood and recent photos on a huge projector screen. Charlie just happens to be looking on when a photo pops up of Steve standing beside the same BMW, license plate clearly in view.

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Not only that, but he is also wearing the distinct baseball hat they found in the car that Parker put on. There's no question the car was Steve's. Jen is quick on her feet and tells Charlie that Steve gave her the car because he felt bad about the real estate deal falling through and they shouldn't tell the cops about it because then they'd have to admit what Charlie did and he'd never get his license. For a teenage boy, that's all he needed to hear to stay quiet.

4 Henry And His Friend Walk Into The Garage

Henry and his creepy clearly sociopathic friend are playing in the house for a sleepover as Jen is in the garage, about to open the deep freezer where Steve's body is dumped. With the latch undone, Henry and the girl walk in just before she cracks it open.

Talk about a close call! Turns out they were just peckish and wanted a snack but Jen snaps at them, clearly agitated by the fact that they could have seen something.

3 The Rats

After hearing noises coming from the deep freezer, Jen and Judy think the impossible: could Steve actually still be alive in there? Of course not. But what is that noise?

Turns out it was rats, which the exterminator tells them can smell meat from a mile away and could easily eat their way through the freezer to get to it. He thinks Jen is just some rich lady who has stocked up on porterhouse steaks or something. Thankfully, they not only take care of the problem but also get rid of the body then gift the deep freezer to the excited exterminator who says he has never been able to afford one like it.

2 Judy Wants To Confess

Before Jen decided that she was going to confess to everything, Judy had a heart-to-heart with her mother in prison that made her think that it would be best for her to confess. She told Jen her plan, saying that while Jen had a family and kids, she had nothing to lose.

Judy almost went to the police before Jen stood in front of her car and tried to stop her from making a huge mistake and taking all the blame.

1 When Charlie Finds The Letters

The end of the season sets things up perfectly for a third. As Charlie sneaks into Judy's room to find hidden contraband he can indulge in, he finds it in a box under her bed. But he finds something else, too. The letters Jen wrote to Judy, Charlie, and Henry, confessing her crimes and saying goodbye.

She wrote those when she thought she was going to go to prison. Judy never gave the boys their letters but she kept them. So if there was any question about the truth before, Charlie definitely knows every sordid detail now. How will they get out of this one? Or rather, how will Jen get out of the mess seeing as she only confessed for herself in the letters and didn't mention Judy's involvement at all?

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