President Trump is now expected to sign an executive order tomorrow relating to social media services, like Twitter, and possible even internet companies as well. This comes at a time when President Trump and Twitter have been at the center of a fact-checking argument.

President Trump is a frequent user of Twitter and often Tweets multiple times in the same day. However, a recent Tweet sent by the President over mail-in ballots caught the attention of Twitter. So much so that Twitter, for the first time, responding to the President’s Tweet by adding a fact-checking tag. Essentially, Twitter deemed the Tweet as inaccurate and added a “Get the facts about mail-in ballots” link to the President’s Tweet.

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Earlier today, President Trump sent another Tweet which many considered to be in response to the fact-checking tag with the Tweet stating that “We will strongly regulate, or close them down” in reference to social media platforms. Now, various White House reporters, including Reuter’s Jeff Mason, are confirming on Twitter that they have been advised by the White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, that President Trump is preparing to sign a social media-related executive order.

Originally, the Twitter reports coming through on Twitter suggested the executive order would be signed within a matter of hours, although following Tweets looked to confirm that the President will actually sign the order some time tomorrow. Right now, it is unclear what an executive order will mean for social media services. Likewise, it is equally unclear how it will be enforced, if social media services opted to not comply with the order.

What does appear clear is the general intention to sign the executive order within the next twenty-four hours. Multiple different White House correspondents are all confirming the same message, reportedly relayed to them by the Press Secretary on Air Force One. Due to the consistency of the Tweets by the various reporters on site, it would appear that unless anything changes in the next few hours, the President will in some way issue an executive order relating to social media services and platforms.

Without any further specific having been made public yet, it remains to be seen how “strongly” the executive order would look to regulate social media companies in the future, or what the impact of the order might be for users of different social media platforms. In the meantime, the debate over whether the President can enforce actions, or even completely shut down, services like Twitter will likely continue, on social media.

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Source: Jeff Mason/Twitter