Selling Sunset season 2 saw Davina Potratz up against it when she had the opportunity of selling a property for $75,000,000. Going back and forth between her bosses Jason and Brett Oppenheim and her client Adnan Sen. Davina's sales skills were well and truly put to the test. Let's take a look at Davina's client Adnan Sen and his net worth.

Eight brand new episodes of Selling Sunset hit Netflix on Friday, May 22nd 2020. The infinity pools, chandeliers, basketball courts and walk-in wardrobes featured on the show are enough to make viewers green with envy and real estate agents huge commissions.

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Season 2 episode 2 of the 2020 series saw Davina and Christine Quinn head to her then-potential listing off of Coldwater Canyon on North Beverly Drive, Los Angeles. The property is set on an acre of land,  is around 16,000 square feet, features nine bedrooms and 12 bathrooms and is decorated in a warm and modern style. Both Davina and Christine pointed out the privacy and compound-feel of the place. Davina, with over a decade of real estate experience under her belt, remarked that the property "took her breath away" in episode 2. And while Adnan suggested listing the property for around $100m, Davina suggested a figure closer to $70m to her co-worker Christine. Christine said, "Davina's client is a real estate mogul and this is a make or break deal, we're talking about a million-dollar commission here."

Davina spoke on how she came to know Adnan: "So, I sold him two condos three or four years ago... and he's fabulous." Adnan Sen is a luxury home developer based in Beverly Hills. By the looks of Adnan's Instagram account (_adnan.sen), he originates from Turkey and has an Insta following of almost 4,000. Viewers got to see Davina negotiate with Adnan during episode 2, which at points was arguably difficult to watch. We may have been wincing while watching Davina under pressure, but she managed to keep her cool when faced with the property mogul's steely stare.

As shown in Selling Sunset season 2 episode 2, Adnan sells properties in the tens and hundreds of millions of dollars. He owns Sen Properties, which is described as being "revered as one of the Platinum Triangle's leading ultra-luxurious property developers." If there's one place in the world that screams sophistication and luxury, it's Beverly Hills. So, it's no wonder that Sen Properties prides themselves on providing homes that live up to the area's glamourous reputation. Not only does Adnan spend his days developing stunning properties, but he also has shares in a Turkish gas company Bosphorus Gaz. While Adnan's exact net worth isn't listed online, it's safe to say that he's a millionaire himself - if not a billionaire - dependent on the number of properties he develops and any additional income generated from his other business ventures. During Selling Sunset season 2 episode 2, Davina mentions that Adnan has "dozens of other properties to sell" insinuating that the businessman turns over a fair deal of properties at once. Because of this, we could assume that Adnan has a net worth in the billions.

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