A video game origin story of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes is coming from Frogwares, and it will be called Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. Frogware has been making games about the dapper detective since 2002 and have pretty much become the sole stewards of the franchise, best known for their Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series. This new game will be a prequel to their other stories, beginning with a young twenty-one-year-old detective who still growing into his sleuthing prowess.

Releasing on PC, PS4, Xbox One and next-gen consoles, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One will follow Holmes as he returns to his home town, his family manor, and his new companion, Jonathan. However, he finds that the town holds a few mysteries to be solved, and the game expects players to use charisma, disguises, and some hand-to-hand combat to discover clues and unravel a greater conspiracy.

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Officially announced by the below reveal trailer, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One looks both a little edgy and like the breath of fresh air the series needs. Speaking to GameSpot, Frogwares boasts the prequel will be rich in narrative, following the events that shaped Holmes into the version of the character Adventures of Sherlock Holmes players have come to know. They happily report that this doesn't mean that there won't be a bit of combat here and there, and of course there will be a lot of investigation to be done. They also divulge that game is gearing up to release in late 2021, so it's not anywhere near its final stretches of development. While it is a prequel, Frogwares says that it will be a great jumping-off point for new arrivals to the Sherlock Holmes series.

After the release of their last game, The Sinking City in June 2019, Frogwares dove straight into development on Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. The Sinking City was Frogware's first attempt at an open-world game inspired by the world of H.P. Lovecraft, and, while it was received well empigj, Frogwares has since said that there are many things that they are reworking and refining in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. They claim that Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One's world will be smaller, but denser, with more opportunities for player interaction. The developer is also abandoning that title's maligned gunplay, much to everyone's relief. While going down a darker route for the classic character sounds fascinating, the new title should distance itself tonally from The Sinking City as much as it is mechanically.

Luckily, Frogwares seems to have taken their mistakes from the Lovecraftian game to heart, and Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One may shape up to be a far better open-world adventure game. A tighter, denser world, an all-new story closely entwined with the gameplay, and Frogwares intimate experience with the character and setting means Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One may come to life beautifully on next-gen consoles.

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Source: GameSpot