Many people associate the show SpongeBob SquarePants with youthful happiness. Though this show is known for its humor and lightheartedness, there is also some extremely relatable content on the show. While many may have identified with the free-spirited SpongeBob as a child, many adults can relate to the pessimistic Squidward as an adult.

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Squidward often says and does the things many adults wish they could say and do. Squidward definitely has a reason to be pessimistic and his attitude is likely due to his terrible work conditions and inability to get any peace and quiet. If you don't typically identify with Squidward, these 10 Squidward quotes will surely change your mind!

10 I Order The Food, You Cook The Food. The Customer Gets The Food. We Do That For 40 Years, And Then We Die.

With increasing work demands and less separation between work life and home life, many millennials have a lot of work-related anxiety. Lower wages have also led many to believe that they will never feel financially stable and will be working up until lunch on the day that they die.

For that reason, many can identify with this Squidward quote. He addresses the mundaneness and repetition of his everyday life and the feeling that he is working to survive and surviving to work.

9 Too Bad That Didn't Kill Me.

Though most people don't actually want to die, everyone is guilty of muttering the phrase "just kill me" every now and then. This is particularly common in a situation where things could have ended worse than they did.

If one has ever been in a situation where one has been seriously injured or so upset or shocked that it felt like one could have died, then this Squidward quote is certainly applicable.

8 Oh, It's Days Like This That Make Me Wish I Had Gone To College.

For years, college was considered the only way to have a successful life. In recent years, the narrative has begun to shift and more individuals are choosing to instead attend trade skills and learn specific schools. It is important to have a path to follow, no matter what the path is.

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However, some individuals are taking this narrative and interpreting it to mean that one doesn't need to do anything to work towards bettering themselves. These individuals often get stuck in service industries that don't pay them well or give them the benefits and protections they deserve. These people will definitely be able to identify with this quote, but so will anyone else who just thinks they've chosen the incorrect path in life!

7 That Was My Cheese. It's Supposed To Smell Like That, Kelp For Brains!

Everyone has been in a situation where they are shocked by the stupidity and lack of culture of those around them. That is exactly how Squidward felt when SpongeBob threw away his cheese because of the smell.

Any cheese lover will understand the aggravation that comes with others believing the cheese has gone bad due to the smell.

6 I Hate All Of You.

Everyone has been in a situation where they are completely annoyed with everyone surrounding them.

Whether it be at work where one feels as though they are surrounded by less intelligent individuals or with one's family where they feel their individuality isn't appreciated or acknowledged, one has certainly thought "I hate all of you" at one point in their lives.

5 Well It Wouldn't Be The First Time You Ruined Everything.

SpongeBob and Patrick are constantly interrupting Squidward's plans. Though he secretly loves them, he can't help but feel frustrated with them as they have no boundaries. In some ways, it's as though Patrick and SpongeBob are Squidward's children, constantly barging in on him.

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Though Squidward's lack of success isn't always their fault, he sure is quick to blame them for his shortcomings. This is natural as humans are often looking for someone else to blame. Everyone has one person or thing they feel holds them back, so everyone can relate to this quote.

4 Please Come Again. When I'm Not Working.

This quote is particularly relatable for workers in the service industry. These workers deal with a large number of individuals coming in and out. Though they are required to be polite, often inviting them back again, there are definitely customers one does not want to see again.

This can also apply to professionals dealing with clients for which they don't particularly care. Sometimes, one wishes they could tell them to go away. Unfortunately, we can't all be as bold as Squidward!

3 Wake Me Up When I Care.

Squidward does not have the patience for nonsense. He is quick to let others know when he doesn't find worth in what they are saying, regularly shutting others out.

Everyone has moments when they are forced to listen to someone talk about something they don't care about. Whether it be sitting in a staff meeting or listening to the story an acquaintance is telling, there are moments where one just wants to tell someone to shut up.

2 Fortunately, I Have Enough Talent For All Of You.

Squidward is not a modest character. This character has an air of superiority and regularly comments on his own talents. Though Squidward doesn't always have the skills to back up his assertions, many can appreciate his confidence.

Everyone is good at something about in those situations, one often has to take the lead. So be like Squidward and do everyone's job for them while letting them know you are the one to thank!

1 I Might As Well Sleep For 100 Years Or So.

There are always those days when one doesn't feel motivated to wake up. Sleeping for 100 years would be the best way to fast forward through the mundane, stressful, or difficult aspects of life.

Don't worry Squidward, you're not alone. Everyone feels overwhelmed sometimes.

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