The television show SpongeBob SquarePants is filled with dynamic characters. These characters have majorly differing personalities with their core traits on full display. This helps fans feel as if they really know these characters, especially as fans have had over 20 years to learn the different nuances of their behaviors.

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Of course, any time a Harry Potter fan has a clear understanding of a character's personality and motivations, they can't help but consider how these traits match up with the Hogwarts houses. After all, if centaurs and mermaids can exist within the Harry Potter universe then why can't talking fish and sponges be there as well? Here are the 10 main characters from SpongeBob SquarePants sorted into their Hogwarts houses!

10 Mrs. Puff: Hufflepuff

Hufflepuffs are known for being loyal, dedicated, and hard-working. This describes Mrs. Puff to a tee. She is the owner of the boating school in Bikini Bottoms and is committed to her students.

As a passionate teacher, Mrs. Puff truly wants everyone to succeed and tries her best to exercise patience. She values SpongeBob's dedication and commitment to learning how to drive, even though she is terrified to get into a boat with him. But can you really blame her? Despite countless crashes, she is always quick to give SpongeBob another chance.

9 Pearl: Hufflepuff

Pearl is extremely social. She wants nothing more than to form close relationships with her peers. She displays unwavering loyalty to those around her, even if they don't display the same loyalty to her.

She is dedicated to her hobbies and interests, passionately performing cheerleading and music. Pearl's kindness and her upbeat attitude would make her a welcomed addition to Hufflepuff house!

8 Mr. Krabs: Slytherin

Mr. Krabs is an extremely driven character. His ambition is his often gets the best of him, as he will stop at nothing to accomplish his quest for power and wealth.

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Mr. Krabs is cunning. He regularly outsmarts Plankton and adapts his business model to meet new trends. He is resourceful, regularly inventing creative ways to cut costs and reuse materials. And of course, as most Slytherins do, Mr. Krabs values self-preservation above all.

7 Karen: Ravenclaw

Karen is extremely intelligent. After all, she is literally a supercomputer. Karen helps Plankton with his plans, providing crucial data. She is clever, analytical, and is known for her dry humor and sharp wit.

She appreciates Plankton for who he is, showing that she is accepting and values originality. This Ravenclaw would certainly be remembered for her intelligence.

6 Plankton: Slytherin

Plankton is ambitious. He wants desperately to succeed and never gives up on accomplishing his dreams. Plankton regularly creates cunning plans, attempting to steal the Krabby Patty formula from Mr. Krabs.

Plankton seeks the Krabby Patty formula not only because of its success but also because he has a personal grudge against Mr. Krabs who stole part of the recipe from Plankton when they were young. Whereas Krabs is more focused on the wealth that comes with success, Plankton was the fame, respect, and recognition he has so long been denied, making it clear that Plankton is a Slytherin.

5 Gary: Slytherin

This snail should not be underestimated. Gary has many skills and seems to be the responsible one in his household. He is a problem solver, regularly stepping in to help SpongeBob, such as when he forgot how to tie his shoes.

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Unlike many pets, Gary does not wait around idly waiting for things to happen. Instead, he takes action, taking matters into his own hands. He is driven and acts as the voice of reason. Gary also can be sneaky, throwing parties when SpongeBob leaves the house. These skills all demonstrate Gary's strong leadership ability, proving Slytherin is the best house for this snail.

4 Squidward: Ravenclaw

Squidward loves and appreciates the arts. He isn't afraid to stand out amount his peers, in fact, he values his originality believing it is one of his strong suits. Identity means a great deal to Squidward as he values his individuality.

He is also wise, well-known for his dry humor and quick wit. For all of these reasons and more, Squidward would be a noble addition to Ravenclaw.

3 Sandy: Ravenclaw

Sandy's most defining trait is her intelligence. This scientist regularly conducts experiments, thoroughly enjoying her quest for knowledge.

She values originality and individuality and although she is very different than Patrick and SpongeBob, her appreciation for their authentic selves allows them to maintain a close friendship. This squirrel would be at the top of her class at Hogwarts, even giving fellow Ravenclaw Karen a run for her money.

2 Patrick: Gryffindor

If nothing else, Patrick is bold. From his blunt statements to his well-remembered performance in which he danced around in fishnets and boots, Patrick is unapologetically himself. He has no fear, charging head-on into complex situations.

Patrick believes in courtesy and honor and responds negatively when he feels he isn't being respected. Patrick also demonstrates many of the negative traits of a Gryffindor as he can be impulsive and hot-headed.

1 Spongebob: Hufflepuff

SpongeBob takes great pride in his work. He does not take shortcuts, working diligently in both his job as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab and at his boating school. He is extremely friendly and enjoys spreading cheer. SpongeBob remains loyal and patient, being a great friend to others even if they don't give him the same respect.

Fairness is extremely important to SpongeBob and he is quick to explain the importance of this value to others without judging those who think differently than him. It seems obvious that SpongeBob would be placed in Hufflepuff House.

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