Gotham City has Batman, Metropolis has Superman, Springfield has Radioactive Man. The star of Bart Simpson's favorite comic book and what some locals may refer to as the "Best. Hero. Ever." made his TV debut in the early days of The Simpsons, with a 1991 season two episode, Three Men and a Comic Book, focusing on a first edition of the hero's origin story. But what exactly is his origin story? Fans would have to wait until 1994 to find out, when the character got his own Radioactive Man comic book.

Opening with tongue in cheek, Stan Lee-esque letter to fans, Matt Groening presents the tale as a look at the character's 1952 Golden Age origin story, promising the rest of the series would take the character, "...all the way from the laughably prehistoric Golden Age to the laughably comical contemporary Polybagged Age." It's all very meta.

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The opening panels see a charity ball for the orphans of Radioactive Man's Zenith city. In attendance is gallivanting playboy Claude Kane III and radio reporter Gloria Grand. After Grand rebuffs Kane's advances, brushing him off as a, "frivolous socialite," he returns home, where his scientist father chastises him for spending another night out dancing. Kane is left wondering if there's something more he should be doing with his life. The next day, Kane gets lost on his way to his father's lab and finds his car stuck in sand. But as he tries to find his bearings, communist spies are busy raiding his father's lab, with the plan to detonate the "Mega Bomb" he'd been working on and steal his data. Seeking refuge at a distant town, Kane doesn't realize he's actually stumbled into a fake community built for the test site. The thugs start the timer and by the time Kane realizes where he is, it's too late. The bomb explodes and after a very Doctor Manhattan looking panel, Kane finds himself somehow alive, only with a lightning bolt-shaped piece of shrapnel sticking out of his skull.

After returning to his car to try once more to move it, Kane realizes he can not only move it, but easily lift it. The next panel sees him realize he can fly and heading off to his father's lab. He defeats the spies that had been holding the lab hostage and realizes crime fighting was his purpose all along. As Kane stares through the window of his reading room (in some very Batman: Year One reminiscent imagery) he opines to himself that he'll need to take steps to protect his father and Gloria. "I'll need a disguise - something bold - something powerful - with future merchandising potential!"

And thus was born The Simpsons' perennial in-universe superhero. Maybe he'd have fared the blast better with a pair of goggles, but people have said they do nothing. Either way, if you want to learn more about the exploits of Radioactive Man, check your local comic shop. The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop apparently is well stocked has very friendly staff.

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