The Little Mermaid is a true Disney classic. This movie features Ariel, a stubborn, headstrong, and motivated princess, who is determined to become part of the human world. While there aren't many people flipping around with fins in everyday life, many of the movie's main themes are very applicable to viewers of every kind, offering beauty and inspiration.

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The Little Mermaid is an incredible movie, featuring lovely animation, wonderful songs, and a lot of heart. Here are its most inspirational lines.

10 I don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be so bad.

Although no world is perfect, this quote reminds viewers that no reality is all bad. Just as there were wonderful things about life under the sea, there are also wonderful things about the world above.

It's important to keep an open mind and find the good where it lives in every situation.

9 We got no troubles. Life is the bubbles, under the sea.

Sometimes, it's inspiring to just be happy, the way Sebastian is as he urges Ariel to give up on her dreams of the surface. While an undersea life isn't what Ariel wants, it's perfect for Sebastian and it's clear how much he loves it.

Reveling in your favorite things about your life is a great lesson to learn from Sebastian.

8 Isn’t this great? The salty sea air, the wind blowing in your face. A perfect day to be at sea!

In a similar vein, Prince Eric loves to revel in his favorite hobby, sailing the sea. Stopping to smell the roses, or, the sea salt as the case may be, is an important part of being happy and truly feeling alive.

Plus, engaging with the things he loves eventually brings Eric his true love. An inspirational idea.

7 Watch and you'll see, someday I'll be part of your world.

Ariel knows what she wants and she's not afraid to go after it. That kind of attitude is truly inspiring. Although her path takes her through a lot of hardship, and she really has to fight hard to get to the place she longs for, she never gives up.

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Ariel's can-do attitude shines in this quote.

6 The seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake.

This is an underwater twist on 'the grass is always greener.' But whatever your greenery exactly, the message stands, coveting what someone else has will not ever bring joy. It's important to look at what is around each one of us and what we have, instead of focusing on the things that are missing.

If we do this, happiness will be just around the corner.

5 Have I ever been wrong? I mean, when it’s important!

Scuttle is a little bit of a bird-brain, but his heart is in the right place, especially when it counts. This quote reminds the viewers that even if they get it wrong a lot, they can still step up to the plate and get it right when the chips are down.

Just because we make some mistakes doesn't mean we have to count ourselves out. This line reminds viewers that, like Scuttle, it's important to trust themselves when it really counts. Even if others are dubious or don't think they can be trusted, trusting one's self is a crucial part of success.

4 Yes, I’ve had the odd complaint, but on the whole, I’ve been a saint.

Ursula may be the bad guy of this tale, but on the whole, she has some inspirational facets to her. For one, Ursula never apologizes for who she is. She does her best to live her life the way she thinks is right and, even if some people complain, it's no skin off her tentacles.

Can't please everyone!

3 Children have got to be free to lead their own lives.

Even stubborn Sebastian learns he has to let go by the end of The Little Mermaid. In this iconic line, his transformation from overly stressed, grumpy guardian, to a true friend and caring figure in Ariel's life is complete.

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This line summarizes what the whole movie is about and is truly meaningful, both inside the movie and out. Everyone needs to be able to find their own path, strict rules and constraints will not end in anyone's happiness.

2 Far better than any dream girl is one of flesh and blood. One warm, and caring, and right before your eyes

This one is a beautiful line. It reminds viewers to open their eyes to what is real in their lives. Fantasies are nice and having visions of what one thinks they might want is a natural part of life, but holding onto those fantasies when there is a reality before you is foolish.

Instead, embracing the people who are really in one's life, those who are loving, gentle, and kind, is a much better path to take. Clinging to notions of people and things that don't truly exist will only lead to people missing the most wonderful things that are already in front of them. This line is a true inspiration to take another look at what, and who, is in your life.

1 You Got Your Own Style, Now Let It Shine Through And Remember No Matter What, You've Got To Be You

Sebastian does have Ariel's back, even though sometimes he's highly exasperated with her. But this quote shows just how much he loves her. Overall, it's an inspirational line that would make anyone happy to hear and that everyone would be wise to remember.

Even when everything seems hopeless, being yourself is the most important thing.

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