Ever since The Orville first began, one of the show's key relationships has involved the protagonist, Ed Mercer (Seth MacFarlane) and his right-hand-woman, Kelly Grayson (Adrianne Palicki), who also happens to be his ex-wife. The destruction of their marriage is depicted in the very first scene.

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Throughout the series, Ed and Kelly have mended their relationship to the point where they can comfortably work alongside each other. Now that their professional relationship is in a good place, how about their romantic connection? Read on for five reasons why Ed and Kelly should get back together and five why they shouldn't.

10 Should: Kelly Helped Him Get His Dream Job

As mentioned in the pilot episode, Ed was on track to become captain of a Union ship. However, his progress was derailed by the divorce. One year later, Ed is unexpectedly given command of The Orville, which sets off the events of the series.

It was revealed in a twist at the end of the episode that Kelly was responsible for Ed's new position. She had called in a favor with her father's friend, Admiral Halsey (Victor Garber), who subsequently gave the now-seasoned captain his dream job.

9 Shouldn't: Kelly Was Unfaithful

Ultimately, there was one very specific reason why Ed and Kelly's marriage ended. It was shown in the pilot that Kelly had been cheating on her husband with Darulio (Rob Lowe), a blue-skinned alien whose hormones allowed him to influence people's romantic attractions.

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It can be argued that Kelly's infidelity, in this case, may not have been entirely her fault. The decision of whether Kelly's indiscretion is an issue moving forward lies with Ed. Some may be able to move on, while others could not let such actions go. It all depends on the individual.

8 Should: They Are A Good Team

Kelly's appointment as Commander of the USS Orville initially horrified Ed. However, it has been shown on countless occasions that her hiring in this role was justified. It would be hard to imagine the ship without Kelly.

Additionally, Kelly also knows her Captain, Ed, the one person more senior than her, on a very intimate level. This had the potential to either be very effective or a disaster. It seems that having such a comfort level with one another has worked as the two can confide more compared to working with just another colleague.

7 Shouldn't: They Have Both Tried To Move On

Now that Ed and Kelly are no longer married to each other, both are free to pursue other relationships. Moving on from the divorce is healthier in the long run rather than holding on to old memories or an unattainable fantasy of getting back together.

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In the second season, Kelly begins a new relationship with Cassius (Chris Johnson), a school teacher on board The Orville. Meanwhile, Ed pursues a romance with new crew member Janel Tyler, who was later revealed to be the Krill Teleya—who had a prior grudge against Ed—in disguise. While both relationships in disaster, the attempts showed that they were ready for someone new in their life.

6 Should: Ed Has Grown As A Person

From the pilot episode to the end of the second season, it is clear that Ed has had an immeasurable emotional growth since gaining command of The Orville. Admiral Halsey had referenced how Ed struggled career-wise after his marriage to Kelly ended. Meanwhile, Kelly attributed her affair to Ed not always being emotionally available.

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It can be said now that Ed has found the balance between work and personal life that he needed during his marriage. Since this was what Kelly wanted and the fact that they are now on good terms, this could potentially help this pair get back together.

5 Shouldn't: Ed Is Danger-Prone

Many episodes of The Orville have featured either various crew members or the ship itself in some kind of crisis. Of course, if it was smooth sailing, then the show would not be very interesting to watch. However, the audience is watching from the first day Ed took command, which means every disaster that has been shown was under his watch.

Of course, while Kelly has already been previously been married to Ed, this habitual danger would be a concern for any prospective partner. It might explain why Kelly tried to have a "safer" relationship with Cassius, a teacher, and thus less likely to be in conflict. After all, no one wants their life to constantly be at risk.

4 Should: They Know Each Other Better Than Most People

One of the main obstacles at the start of a new relationship is getting to know your partner: their personality, habits, likes, dislikes. If these are not compatible with your own, then that relationship usually would not last long. However, Kelly and Ed have an advantage compared to most potential new couples.

They were married, and, while it ended in divorce, they still have years of living together under their belts. For this reason, much of the initial awkwardness can be skipped over, and, assuming all goes well, they can pick up their prior relationship where it left off.

3 Shouldn't: Could Cause Problems With The Crew

Ed and Kelly are not only co-workers on The USS Orville, but they are also the two highest-ranking senior officers on board. Shared history or not, entering a romantic relationship while already in a professional one could lead to an abundance of problems down the line. One example is a potential conflict of interest in difficult situations.

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Furthermore, Ed has a close friend, Gordon Malloy on board, who knew the pair when they were married. Gordon turned against Kelly after she cheated last time. Should she break Ed's heart again, Gordon could turn the rest of the crew against Kelly.

2 Should: They Both Deserve To Be Happy

While neither Ed or Kelly are perfect individuals, both have shown time and time again that they are inherently good people. Both have made mistakes that are relatable to real-world problems. That being said, neither deserve to suffer.

Since beginning their working relationship on the USS Orville, both have been through break-ups. At the same time, despite initial tension, they have also mended their friendship with one another. As their love lives are not working out with other people, could it be a sign to reunite with each other?

1 Shouldn't: Kelly Could Become A Target

As the Captain of a Planetary Union vessel, Ed holds an important position in the fictitious world depicted on The Orville. The Union has been in conflict in the series with the Krill and the Kaylons, among others. Should Ed ever be captured, he would be a valuable hostage.

Although capable, Kelly is already in a vulnerable position as Ed's second-in-command. She would be in even more danger as Ed's significant other, let alone his wife once again. If these two were going to get together, the smartest time would be when both are back in full-time civilian life.

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