The X-Men’s Wolverine likes to remind people, “I’m the best there is at what I do… but what I do isn’t very nice.” While Logan is undoubtedly the best at slicing and dicing enemies who get in his way, Wolverine is also a man of many talents and passions – and there’s one other thing he does extremely well. In Wolverine: First Class #6, readers got a look at what that not-so-secret thing Logan does - watch hockey.

The story begins with Kitty Pryde, Teresa Cassidy, Illyana Rasputin, and Amp – a new mutant – having a slumber party at the mansion. While Wolverine is technically supposed to be their chaperone, Logan is more interested in watching the Stanley Cup Finals on TV. As he meticulously arranges his beers and snacks, Wolverine informs the girls that he doesn’t care what they do – as long as they don’t interrupt his hockey game.

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The girls take this to heart and decide to start a brutal training program in the Danger Room – releasing several combat robots in the shape of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Once that gets boring, the girls leave, not realizing that the robots are still active and intent on tracking them down. The girls remain oblivious, however, and decide to play a game where they tell each other about their secret crushes. Meanwhile, the robots track down Wolverine, who’s still intent on watching his hockey game. Furious that the robots are blocking his view, Wolverine launches into a berserker rage, informing the robots that he’s the best there is at what he does – and what he does is:

After just a few quick slashes, the robots fall into pieces – and Wolverine ends his speech with a patriotic note about the importance of hockey to Canadian citizens. According to him, he's entitled to watch hockey "for as long as I feel like it! It's my moral right as a Canadian." Hilariously, Wolverine just goes right back to watching the Stanley Cup Finals as if nothing has happened. But the worst is yet to come.It turns out Teresa and Amp are attracted to the same boy and a devastated Amp – who has the power to amplify the emotions of others – gets Kitty and Teresa to fight each other in retaliation. The fight ends up spilling into the living room where the girls accidentally smash Wolverine’s television set.

This drives Logan into one of his scariest (and funniest) berserker rages ever as he chases after the girls for ruining his hockey night. Suddenly motivated to do something other than fight each other, Kitty and Teresa begin running for their lives. Before things get too ugly, however, Amp uses her powers to calm Logan down and then admits that she’s upset that no boy will want to date her because of her inhuman appearance. Logan softens and winds up comforting Amp for the rest of the night – causing her to develop a crush on Wolverine.

While Wolverine has gone crazy many times, not being able to watch his hockey game ranks as one of the funniest ways to trigger his berserker fury. Being able to watch hockey better than anyone else might not be the first thing people think of when they consider Logan’s greatest talents – but it’s definitely one of his most relatable passions. Especially for Canadians.

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