Artist Stephen Byrne has created stunning art featuring Wonder Woman proving worthy to wield the power of the Mighty Thor. The rivalry between Marvel and DC comics is legendary, and at times the two companies have come together to publish crossovers in which their various heroes either ally with one another - or go head-to-head.

Like any other industry, the comics scene has been devastated by the coronavirus pandemic and its associated lockdowns. There's a growing push for the Big Two publishers to do something dramatic to help breathe new life into retailers when the lockdown is well and truly over. One of the biggest supporters of this is artist Stephen Byrne, who's pushing for a new DC Versus Marvel event. In support of this, he's been producing art of his own that imagines how the story could go.

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The latest example, published by Byrne on Twitter, sees Wonder Woman and Thor go head-to-head. It's an appropriate duel, because both are legendary superheroes who are tied to ancient myths. Wonder Woman is the daughter of Zeus, while Thor is the God of Thunder. Of course, Byrne imagines the fight beginning in the typical fashion, with Thor tossing his enchanted hammer Mjolnir straight at Wonder Woman. What he hasn't factored in, though, is the possibility his opponent could be worthy to wield the hammer herself.

It's a stunning image, and Byrne is clearly having a blast imagining Diana blessed with the power of Thor. He's created a stunning new costume design, one evocative of classic Thor looks - note the armor and the cape - that still feels like a Wonder Woman outfit. Byrne captures Thor's reaction perfectly, as the God of Thunder suddenly wonders just what manner of foe he is fighting this time. Unlike the Odinson, though, Wonder Woman is far too wise to simply give up her power - she blasts him with lightning.

Curiously enough, previous crossovers have indeed established Diana is worthy of Mjolnir. She stumbled upon the hammer during 1996's DC Versus Marvel crossover, and was still Goddess of Thunder when she faced off against Storm. Demonstrating the strength of her character, Diana chose to cast Mjolnir aside, because she didn't feel it was a fair fight. No doubt she would have no such qualms when it came to blasting Thor with his own power. Byrne's image is a fantastic one, it fits with the canon, and frankly it's sure to only increase the pressure on Marvel and DC to consider making a new crossover series.

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Source: Stephen Byrne