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The Last American Virgin: Why a Disposable 80s Movie Still Resonates 40 Years Later

Time to prove why The Last American Virgin is an 80s cult classic that was written off just another teen movie when it was first released in 1982.

Peter Sarsgaard Really Digs Robert Pattinson as The Batman, Says He Looks Amazing

The actor plays Gil Colson, a Gotham City district attorney in The Batman, and he can't wait to get back to work on it.

Bella Thorne and Jake Manley Talk Infamous [Exclusive]

Bella Throne and Jake Manley star in Infamous, about two wild lovers who take their crime spree to social media and become Internet famous.

Pretty in Pink Director Howard Deutch Looks Back on the John Hughes Classic [Exclusive]

Director Howard Deutch talks Pretty in Pink and more in celebration of the John Hughes cult classic coming to blu-ray release this week in the new Paramount Presents line.

New Star Wars Fan Art Imagines Luke Skywalker as Leia’s Twin Sister

Mark Hamill recently shared some Star Wars fan art of himself as a woman and now someone went and painted it.
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