Archive for June 22, 2020

Robert Pattinson Thought He Blew His Tenet Meeting Over a Pack of Chocolates

Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. are moving ahead and hoping Tenet will actually be able to hit theaters next month.

Little Women Crosses a Box Office Milestone as Movie Theaters Reopen Around the World

Greta Gerwig's Little Woman found success after it recently opened overseas in Japan and Denmark.

Ferrari Biopic Teams Hugh Jackman and Director Michael Mann

Michael Mann is directing Ferrari based on the acclaimed biography of Enzo Ferrari by Brock Yates.

David Lynch Is Proud of Every Movie He’s Made Except Dune

Director David Lynch feels the need to single out Dune as the only movie he is not proud of.

Homewrecker Trailer Invites You in for a Murderous Midlife Meltdown [Exclusive]

A new friendship goes off the rails really quickly in our exclusive green band trailer for Uncork'd's Homewrecker.
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