Archive for July 5, 2020

New Shia LaBeouf Movie Gets Accused of ‘Brownfacing’, Director David Ayer Responds

David Ayer answers criticisms about Shia LaBeouf's character in The Tax Collector.

Michael Bay’s Pandemic Thriller Cleared for Production After SAG Shut Down

SAG-AFTRA told producer Michael Bay that actors couldn't show up for his new pandemic thriller Songbird, but they have since rescinded that order.

Massive Black Hole Is Eating One Sun a Day as It Keeps Growing

New research led by The Australian National University shows just how massive the fastest growing black hole in the universe really is.

Real Mutant Potatoes Turn Lady’s Kitchen Into an Alien Nightmare in Lockdown

One young woman returned from vacation to find that mutant potatoes with huge tentacles had overtaken her pantry.

Kanye West Announces Run for President in 2020

Musician Kanye West has decided to take on Trump and Biden in the upcoming Presidential election this November.
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