Archive for July 9, 2020

Here’s Why Hamilton Won’t Be Winning Any Oscars

The recent release of Hamilton on Disney+, which has been met with widespread praise, will be sitting it out at next year's Academy Awards.

Wolf Creek 3 Is Happening Alongside Season 3 of the Wolf Creek TV Show

John Jarratt reveals that he has discussed Wolf Creek 3, for both the big and small screen, with Greg McLean.

Fantasy Throwback Man & Witch Unites 80s Stars with Jim Henson Puppets

The NeverEnding Story star Tami Stronach, as well as other stars from the 80s, are set to appear in Man & Witch.

The Batman Isn’t Trying Too Hard to Be Dark Insists Cinematographer

The Batman cinematographer discusses his approach to the movie's darkness.

No Time to Die Director Refused to ‘Fiddle’ with the Finished Movie During Lockdown

Cary Fukunaga explains why, amid all the delays, he did not feel the need to go back and re-edit Not Time to Die.
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