Archive for July 15, 2020

Super Mario Celebrates 35th Anniversary with New Monopoly and Jenga Games

The history of Super Mario Bros. is being celebrated with a number of new products aimed and Nintendo fans.

The Barge People Trailer: Flesh-Eating Mutants Are Lurking in the Water

RLJE Films has revealed the release date for The Barge People, a new horror movie from Charlie Steeds.

Jamie Foxx Slowly Unravels a Few Small Details About His Mike Tyson Biopic

The actor has revealed a few more details about what the Mike Tyson movie will entail.

Wild Rumor Claims The Rise of Skywalker Lucas Cut Exists, Will We Ever See It?

Rumors are starting to pick up suggesting that a George Lucas cut of The Rise of Skywalker exists deep in the Lucasfilm vault.

Zendaya Is Nikki Bell in BossLogic’s Kill Bill Vol. 3 Poster

Zendaya hunts down Uma Thurman's The Bride in this imagined Kill Bill 3 poster.
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