Archive for July 21, 2020

New Evil Dead Documentary Is Getting a Fantasia Virtual Premiere in August

Hail to the Deadites will hold its premiere at the virtual edition of the Fantasia International Film Festival.

What Is Apollo 10&#189? Richard Linklater Shares Details Behind New Netflix Animated Movie

Richard Linklater will be applying the same animation technique used in A Scanner Darkly to his upcoming moon landing movie Apollo 10 ½.

The Batman Has Zack Snyder Super Excited: It’s Going to Be Great

Director Zack Snyder is as excited as anyone to see what Matt Reeves does with The Batman.

Robin Williams Remembered by Fans on What Would Have Been His 69th Birthday

Zelda Williams and fans of Robin Williams took to social media to honor the late comedy legend on his birthday.

Josh Gad Thinks The Book of Mormon Musical Needs to ‘Adapt’ and ‘Adjust’ to Become a Movie

Original The Book of Mormon star, Josh Gad, says things will need to change should the show leap from stage to screen.
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