Archive for January 5, 2021

Cobra Kai Season 4 Is Expected to Film in Early 2021

Series co-creator Josh Heald says Cobra Kai season 4 will film early in 2021, situation permitting.

Quibi’s Streaming Library May Go to Roku

Following its recent shutdown Quibi is trying to sell its content and Roku is in line to buy.

Man of Steel IMAX Remaster Is Worth a Look in Zack Snyder’s Opinion

Director Zack Snyder reveals that he is open to the idea of a Man of Steel IMAX remaster.

The Fanning Sisters Will Unite in World War II Drama The Nightingale

In this film based on the novel of the same name, Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning will play sisters living in France during the time of World War II.

Cobra Kai Creator Teases an Ultimate Endgame That Goes Well Beyond Season 4

Cobra Kai creator Josh Heald has revealed that, while they have an ending in mind, it won't happen until well beyond season 4.
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