Archive for January 6, 2021

Southland Tales Snyder Cut-Style Reinvention Plans Teased by Director Richard Kelly

Director Richard Kelly believes that, thanks to the popularity of streaming, now is the time for a six-hour version of his comedy thriller Southland Tales.

Fans Won’t Stop Asking Robert Rodriguez for Machete Kills in Space

Director Robert Rodriguez is fully aware of the desire from fans to go interstellar with Machete Kills in Space.

Netflix’s Army of the Dead First Look Reveals Zack Snyder’s Insane Zombie Heist Movie

Netflix is preparing to release Zack Snyder's other highly anticipated movie of 2021, Army of the Dead.

Patty Jenkins Says There Was No War with Warner Bros. Over Wonder Woman

Patty Jenkins addresses rumors that she was in a 'War' with Warner Bros. over Wonder Woman.

Netflix Is Leaving Nintendo Wii U and 3DS This Summer

Wii U and Nintendo 3DS owners will no longer be able to use Netflix on these devices beginning in June.
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