Archive for September 14, 2021

Sylvester Stallone Will Direct Nighthawks TV Remake Starring Frank Grillo

Frank Grillo will take over from Sylvester Stallone in Nighthawks limited series.

Is a Marvel Zombies Live-Action Movie Coming Further Down the Line in the MCU?

There are many possiblities available in Marvel's multiverse, but are live action zombies on of the options coming in the future? It's possible.

Beetlejuice Is Back on Broadway This Spring, and Deader Than Ever

After a rough start, a covid shutdown and an uncertain future, Beetlejuice rises again in a new venue next year.

Killmonger Returns to the MCU in New What If…? Poster

Michael B. Jordan will reprise the role of Killmonger for his own episode of the Marvel and Disney+ series, What If...?

Ryan Reynolds Attempts Grace Kelly Challenge on TikTok, But Will Ferrell Steals the Show

As filming continues in Boston, leaked video from the set gives the best look yet at the setting, costumes and a very energetic dance number for its two leads.
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