Archive for September 17, 2021

Russian Filmmakers Beat Tom Cruise in the Race to Film First Movie in Outer Space

A Russian crew of two cosmonauts, a film director and an actress are ready for take off for the International Space Station early next month.

Dune Director Thinks ‘Cut and Paste’ Marvel Movies Are Turning Us All Into Zombies

Dune director Denis Villeneuve believes that too many MCU outings are simply cut and paste, and worries this is turning us into zombies.

The Lost Boys Remake Is Happening at Warner Bros., Cast and Director Announced

Warner Bros. will reboot the classic vampire movie The Lost Boys with the stars of A Quiet Place and It, Noah Jupe and Jaeden Martell, in the lead roles.

Nicolas Cage Promises He’ll Never Retire from Acting

The unique talents of Nicolas Cage will never be absent from our screens, as the actor declares that he is never going to retire.

Game of Thrones Star Thor Bjornsson (aka the Mountain) Shows Off His New Body Ahead of Boxing Match

Record-holding strongman Thor Bjornsson, who played The Mountain on Game of Thrones, has lost more than 100 pounds as part of his pro boxing training.
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