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Jean Hale Dies, Batman and In Like Flint Star 82

Jean Hale appeared in over 60 TV series in the '60s and '70s, and was working on a new movie script at the time of her death.

James McAvoy Would Rather Play Young Jean-Luc Picard Than Professor X Again

James McAvoy discussed his dream roles while promoting his work on The SandmanAudio Drama.

Sex/Life Season 2 Is Happening at Netflix After 67 Million Households Stream First Season

Sex/Life has only been on Netflix a few months, but a massive surge in viewer numbers on its debut has seen the streamer green-light another run.

James Bond Recasting Talks Begin in 2022, and a Lot of Fans Want Henry Cavill

It was reported that James Bond producers will talk about recasting the role in 2022 and Henry Cavill was quickly trending soon after as a popular suggestion.

Vin Diesel Hypes Riddick 4 Shoot: Furya May Be Closer Than You Think

Vin Diesel said that after an 'incredible meeting,' the planned sequel Riddick 4: Furya may be arriving sooner than fans thought.
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