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WandaVision Star Michaela Russell Channels Her Older Self for Halloween

WandaVision's young Wanda, Michaela Russell, has the most adorable Halloween costume this year!

Is Warner Bros. Working on a Super Smash Bros. Style Fighting Game?

Gandalf vs. Batman sounds too insane, but it may actually be a possibility in the near future.

Eternals Star Kit Harington Says ‘Nothing Is Certain’ About His MCU Future

Kit Harington is unsure of his future in the MCU. But the Eternals star is interested to see where his character will go.

Watch Netflix Bring Squid Game to Life in Los Angeles

Fans of the hit Netflix series were able to participate in some of the activities from the show. All without having to worry about having to get shot if they fail!

Joe and Anthony Russo Tease Their Marvel Studios Future

The Russo Brothers took Marvel to a new level with Avengers: Endgame, and a new book has reiterated their potential return.
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