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Taron Egerton Doesn’t Want New Kingsman Characters To Steal The Spotlight

Taron Egerton in Kingsman

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is full of A-list stars, but its undisputed lead is Taron Egerton. The breakout of The Secret Service (his first feature film), Egerton is back as super spy Eggsy on a risque, violent, world-spanning mission. But he’s not just Galahad – the actor’s forging out a major career for himself, with a new Robin Hood franchise on the way and a biopic of Kingsman 2 co-star Elton John.

Screen Rant recently caught up with Egerton to discuss his rise to the top, Kingsman‘s propensity for controversy, where the franchise will go next and much, much more.

Obviously, this is a massive, massive movie. Did you have any inclination when you signed on for the first one it would become this massive franchise? This original franchise no less.

I think there was certainly something about it. I was familiar with Matthew’s work, and obviously it’s incredible. He’s a real artist ...

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Dragon Ball Z: 15 Things You Didn’t About Gotenks


The Majin Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z was the point at which the series made the least sense. Characters would spend issues/episodes gaining power-ups, only for them to be rendered useless when finally used. This was the point when Akira Toriyama had started to smell the freedom of his upcoming retirement, which is why everything became so weird and unfocused during the final arc of the story.

One of the most popular additions to Dragon Ball Z’s lore that debuted in the Majin Buu Saga was the Fusion Dance. This was a technique that Goku learned in the afterlife, which allowed two beings to fuse into one and would ...

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How Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Will Connect to Rogue One


Star Wars Rebels is about to enter its 4th and final season, and based on what can be seen in the two trailers released so far, the show isn’t only going to continue to resolve most (if not all) of the many dangling plot threads of both Rebels and a few from the incomplete The Clone Wars, but also lead into the events of Rogue One. This means the Rebels’ war against the Empire on Lothal, the conflict with Thrawn, Sabine’s return to the Mandalorians, and more are all on the table. As we draw closer and closer ...

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Is Kingsman 2 Suitable For Children?

The Swedish Princess in Kingsman

kingsman 2 box office projections Is Kingsman 2 Suitable For Children?

Kingsman: The Golden Circle arrives in theaters this Friday, the sequel to 2014’s Kingsman: The Secret Service. The film, much like the original, is an R-rated action comedy, inspired largely by the James Bond canon, in its combination of blow-out action and its cheeky sexuality. The difference between the Kingsman films and the 007 series, though, is that Kingsman takes both considerably further.

Leave aside the first film’s notorious final joke, something even the famously randy Bond series has never dared try. The Kingsman movies are also incredibly violent. Sure, director Matthew Vaughn is one of the best directors in the world when it comes to choreographing intense, creatively blocked action sequences that look unique. But ...

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Peter Rabbit Trailer: Peter is a Troublemaker

James Corden as Peter Rabbit

James Corden trades his Late Late Show desk for Mr. McGregor’s garden in the first trailer for the adaptation of Beatrix Potter’s classic children’s novel, Peter Rabbit. This updated take on the feisty rabbit hits theaters in early 2018, but audiences get a sneak peek of his shenanigans-to-come ahead of then.

From director Will Gluck (Easy A, Friends with Benefits), Peter Rabbit embraces a familiar setting with some updated flairs. For one, the miserly Mr. McGregor is now portrayed by Domhnall Gleeson, who appears to be a tad less cantankerous (if his brief appearance in the teaser is any evidence of his overall personality). In fact, his portrayal looks to be a far cry from his Dark Side enthusiast, General Hux from the Star Wars franchise. However, the real scene-stealer in the trailer is the titular rabbit himself, Peter (voiced by Corden).

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Peter Rabbit Trailer: Peter is a Troublemaker

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