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Gilmore Girls: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Rory’s Relationships


When it comes to Gilmore Girls, people have a lot of opinions. This is especially true with regards to Rory Gilmore’s romantic relationships. One of the most polarizing debates in TV history is over which guy the young Gilmore should have ended up with. We see fans of the show falling into three main camps: Team Dean, Team Jess, and Team Logan. Rory had her fair share of happy moments and disasters with all three, and if you were an avid viewer of the series, you’ll undoubtedly have your own opinions on this crucial matter.

While the arguments for and against these three men in Rory’s life could go on ad nauseam, one thing we can all agree on is the fact that there were a lot of confusing moments when it came to Rory’s relationships over the course of the show. People have pointed out a number of perplexing things about Gilmore Girls as a whole, like the fact that the Gilmores eat nothing but junk food but remain looking healthy, that their caffeine consumption is really very worrying, and that everyone in Stars Hollow is obsessed with Rory for some reason, but it’s actually the relationships Rory has that pose the biggest, most confusing questions. From her affairs with married men to her inability to break up with people, Rory Gilmore has a lot to own up to-- both in the original Gilmore Girls and the Netflix revival, A Year in the Life.

With this in mind, here are 20 Things That Make No Sense About Rory’s Relationships.

20 Kept dating Dean when she was in love with Jess

Early on in the show's run, the were two definite camps: Team Dean and Team Jess. A lot can be said, both positively and negatively, of these two suitors, but one thing that can’t be disputed is the fact that Rory messed up big time in the way she handled her feelings. Instead of just coming clean to Dean about her new feelings for Jess, she strung the poor, tall sap along while she not so discreetly yearned for bad boy Jess.

Her flaky refusal to own up to her feelings and be truthful to her high-school sweetheart-- and herself-- makes absolutely no sense.

This was one of the more baffling relationship developments that happened in the early days of Gilmore Girls.

19 Her affair with Dean when he was married

As if it weren’t bad enough that Rory let Dean believe she was still in love with him while harboring feelings for Jess, she took a plunge deeper into the dark side when she suddenly decided she wanted him back - after he had gotten married. Dean had already moved on and tied the knot with Lindsay, but for some reason Rory decided there weren’t enough guys at Yale and she just had to get back with her ex-boyfriend.

Instead of respecting Dean’s marriage and respecting his choice to move on from his past with her, Rory embarked on an affair with her first boyfriend, thus throwing this poor guy’s life into chaos. That’s not to say he’s not to blame too, because as we all know, it takes two to tango. 

18  Getting upset with Logan while they’re on a break

While it might be understandable that Rory got upset with Logan for sleeping with other people while they were on a break, it’s her double standard behavior that’s really the confusing part of this whole plotline. While she may have thought they were just taking some time apart from each other, and Logan was under the impression they had broken up for good, the fact of the matter is, Rory is getting upset with her ex for seeing other people.

Isn’t this coming from the girl who led her boyfriend on while she was secretly in love with someone else?

Isn’t this the same Rory who slept with her married ex? Rory’s shortsightedness of her own romantic misdeeds is utterly confounding, especially when she decides to get upset with Logan for fooling around with other people when they weren’t even together anymore.

17 Most of her relationship with Jess involved Dean

When Rory finally ended up with Jess after her breakup with Dean, many were overjoyed by this long-overdue coupling. To finally see Rory with someone who matched her intellectually after her time with the sweet but dim Dean was a great relief to many viewers, and everyone was undoubtedly excited to see where this new relationship would go.

Well, unfortunately, Rory and Jess’ relationship seemed perpetually shadowed by the ghost of her relationship past. While we should have been watching her romantic storyline with Jess blossom, we somehow ended up with Dean constantly popping up in their narrative. To build up all this tension between Rory and Jess, to have her go through a break-up with Dean, and then to have this end with them being constantly bothered by Dean’s presence throughout their relationship? It’s hard to understand why this happened.

16 Telling Jess to “Not Say A Word” After They Kiss

Rory and Jess share their first kiss at Sookie and Jackson’s wedding. While this might have been a hit for people rooting for Rory and the bad boy to get together, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this first kiss happened while Rory and Dean were still together.

Rory’s complete disregard for monogamy isn’t the only thing that’s confusing.

What’s more perplexing is the fact that she tells Jess “not to say a word” after the smooch occurs. You’d think that after just cheating on your boyfriend with the person you’ve been dreaming of being with for so long, you’d want to have a conversation to sort things out. Like, “where do we go from here?”, for instance. Or, “let’s talk about how I need to break up with my boyfriend so we can be together.” Nope, instead she insists Jess shuts up and she flees from the scene.

15 She dates someone from the privileged world she hates

Many people who have revisited Gilmore Girls as adults have criticized Rory for her complete lack of self-awareness as a privileged, white woman. People who may have been fans of the show as young teens now often view Rory as a bratty, spoiled girl who doesn’t realize how good she’s got it, and this has led many people to lash out against both her and Lorelai.

While her inability to realize she’s privileged is confusing in itself, what’s also confounding is the fact that she decides to date Logan, who is from the upper class world she professes to hate. Constantly pretending that she’s not like her privileged Yale pals, Rory assumes a lifestyle with Logan that is exactly like the one her mother tried to steer her away from. The fact that she dates Logan, and takes so long to realize she’s in this world, is just bizarre.

14 She complains when Logan’s fiancee moves in with him

Rory commits a whole heap of relationship crimes, including cheating on several of her partners as well as having double standards and being flaky, but it’s the way she reacts to the news about Logan’s fiancee moving in with him that really makes you want to question everything.

In the Gilmore Girls revival, we learn that Rory and Logan have been having an affair, despite the fact that Logan is getting married to someone else. While Rory seems totally fine with the adultery, the thing that really grinds her gears is Logan’s announcement that his fiancee is planning on moving in with him. Living with your fiance is a completely normal thing to do, yet Rory gets upset when she finds out this is happening. 

13 She repeatedly ignores Logan’s bad habits

Love him or hate him, we can all agree that Logan knows how to have a good time-- maybe too much of a good time. In fact, it’s a wonder that Rory stayed with him for so long when all he did was party like his life depended on it.

In several episodes we see Logan getting so trashed that Rory has to practically carry him out of the bar.

Not only that, but it seems like his drinking often led to some pretty bad temper tantrums on his part. Remember the awful sit-down with Jess, Rory, and Logan? Fueled by drink, Logan proceeded to verbally attack Jess and then Rory in turn. Of course, it’s this row that led to Logan and Rory’s split, but even after they got back together, Rory still put up with a lot of nonsense from Logan that she definitely should not have taken from him.

12 Putting her boyfriends before her dreams

Some of the first impressions we’re given of Rory at the start of the show are that she’s smart, hard-working, and she aspires to be a journalist. Why is it that at the slightest sign of romance or boy-trouble, Rory is ready to throw in the towel on her dreams?

First it was her love for Dean that made her want to give up on going to Chilton, then it was Logan’s dad who told her she wasn’t good enough to be a journalist that made her drop out of Yale. She then gets so distracted and caught up in Logan’s world of parties and privilege that she completely neglects her education and the pursuit of her writing dreams. For someone who was made out to be so focused at the start, it’s very confusing that she’s so willing to drop everything for the men that come swanning into her life.

11 Pretending to be interested in Robert

Rory is guilty of doing some pretty sneaky things on Gilmore Girls, and most of the time it doesn't make sense why she’s doing them. She clearly has no qualms about stringing people along, as we’ve seen with Dean, and she took this one step further by pretending to be interested in a guy for the singular reason of making someone else jealous. 

Surely she didn’t need to string poor Robert along for that.

While the old “make someone jealous by hanging out with someone else” trick is one of the oldest in the book, Rory’s date with the seemingly nice Robert at Finn’s Tarantino party is pretty confusing. Sure, she clearly wanted to make Logan jealous, but they immediately make out behind Robert’s back at the party and confess they liked each other anyway. 

10 She hid her friendship with Dean from Jess

When Rory embarked on her relationship with Jess, there was hope for a new beginning without the stress of her past with Dean. Rory finally got to be with the guy she really wanted, and we all thought that would be good enough for her.

Well, her decision to stay friends with Dean certainly through a spanner in the Jess-Rory works. For some reason, Rory thought it would be a great idea to hide the fact that she was still hanging out with Dean from Jess, because obviously sitting on a bed of lies is a great way to maintain a relationship. That she didn’t come clean to Jess about this friendship is confusing to say the least, and by keeping it a secret, she only made Jess suspect there was something more going on.

9 She goes from commitment-phobe to commitment-keen

Another confusing character arc we see is Rory's sudden change of heart about the whole concept of relationships. Rory and Dean’s first breakup in season 1 is triggered by the fact that she doesn’t say “I love you” back to him.

This leads us to believe that the whole idea of big romance really isn’t Rory’s thing.

Then with Logan, she acts as if she’s fine with a casual relationship, but reacts badly when she finds out he’s dating other girls. We see her going from commitment shy with Dean, to commitment-keen with Logan, making things pretty confusing when it comes to figuring out what it is that Rory really wants. To make things even less straightforward, when Logan finally pops the big question in season 7, Rory turns him down. Clearly Rory is all over the place, like many of us are when we’re growing up, but that doesn’t make things any less confusing for us viewers.

8 She dates someone who is just like her father

Entertainment Weekly revealed that Logan was actually modeled after Rory’s dad Christopher. In the article we learn that Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino knowingly made Logan similar to Christopher in order to highlight Rory’s father issues. She says: “We wanted Rory to date her father. Every girl has a father issue, and Logan was Christopher. Logan was charming, smart, and not quite the dependable soul that you need. Or, at that time, was not the great dependable soul.”

It’s still strange that Rory chose someone with so many of the qualities that she found disappointing in her dad, and that this relationship was the longest one of all. Christopher was not good news for Lorelai, and in the end, neither was Logan for Rory. Why she stayed with someone who exhibited such toxic behaviors is something that will continue to confuse us.

7 She sets aside her own views for Dean’s

In the infamous “Donna Reed” episode in season 1, we witnessed just how easily swayed Rory could be when it came to men. In it, Dean reveals his traditionalist views on family life and his admiration of the 1950s-style nuclear family seen in The Donna Reed Show. Rory and Lorelei berate him for his conventional views, and Rory ends up getting upset over his fantasies of women as housewives. However, in order to please Dean, Rory invites him over for dinner, in full Donna Reed garb, and pretends to be a good little housewife cooking for him.

The whole thing is very confusing in light of Rory’s views about women’s independence, and also contradicts the ideals she been raised on by Lorelai.

Clearly Rory’s need to please her boyfriend trumped her commitment to her own beliefs, and the whole episode leaves a rather sour aftertaste.

6 She doesn’t seem bothered when Logan doesn't say "I Love You" back

Inseason 1, Rory’s failure to say “I love you” back to Dean when he confessed his deep feelings for her resulted in their first break-up. Dean was heartbroken, and who could blame him? Rory shouldn’t have felt forced to confess feelings she didn’t really have, but at the same time, that kind of rejection is crushing.

When Rory told Logan that she loved him and he didn’t reply, she acted totally cool with it, since she had gone through a similar experience with Dean. However, as fine as she seemed about the whole thing, it’s pretty perplexing that she wasn’t more shaken by his lack of response. Anybody else in that situation would feel pretty vulnerable and rejected, so her lack of reaction when she knew how upset it had made Dean previously is kind of confusing.

5 Tristan just disappeared

Ah, Tristan. The one that went away too soon. Rory’s short-lived fling with the gorgeous Chilton bad boy was a blip on the radar compared to her other relationships, but it’s one that certainly had effects on her chemistry with Dean. Tristan and Rory shared some pretty flirtatious moments, and of course there was their kiss. Although Rory was both put off and attracted to Tristan in equal measure, there’s no denying that she definitely had some feelings for him.

When Tristan announced out of the blue that he was being sent away to military school, it didn't seem natural for the story at all.

It likely had more to do with actor Chad Michael Murray getting his role on Dawson's Creek than there being any indication that his storyline on Gilmore Girls was done. It seemed like his arc with Rory had just begun.

4 Her affair with Logan

We learn from the Gilmore Girls revival that Rory has been secretly having an affair with Logan in London, despite the fact that he’s engaged to someone else. There are many people who were undoubtedly overjoyed to see Logan and Rory back together again, but the fact that he’s in a long-term relationship with someone else certainly doesn’t paint either one of them in a good light.

The confusing thing is, Rory already turned down Logan when he proposed to her in season 7. Why did she decide to rekindle their love, especially knowing he’s promised to someone else? Her behavior here is certainly baffling, but for anyone still firmly in the Team Logan camp, are you sure you want to back a cheater?

3 Her brief visit to Jess in Philadelphia

Any fan of Jess will agree that Rory’s impromptu trip to Philadelphia to visit him while she was upset with Logan was definitely confusing. She basically led Jess on, making him believe that her visit meant something more than just a distraction from her current relationship problems. Rory was still upset with Logan for getting with various girls during their separation, and she was essentially using Jess as a means of getting back at him. Jess clearly didn’t realize this and kissed Rory, only to be pushed away by her and told that she was still in love with Logan.

Not only did this scene paint Rory in a negative light, it was also confusing to see her use someone she cared about in such a manipulative way.

Most of us would have thought she'd have more respect for Jess, but clearly there’s no end to Rory’s mistakes when it comes to her time spent with Logan.

2 Her awkward treatment of Marty

For most of the show, Rory is painted out to be a sweet, caring person. However, looking at some of her friendships and relationships, you’ll see that Rory wasn’t always the most considerate pal. One of the most painful relationships to watch in the show was that of Rory and Marty, her friend from Yale.

From the first moment Marty was introduced, we could see that he clearly had a thing for Rory. The more they hung out, the more you could see how much he wanted to date her. Of course, Rory didn't need to date Marty if she didn’t want to, but every time she and Logan were with Marty, she never really had his back. She didn’t do much to save Marty from being humiliated by the privileged Yale set, and always took Logan’s side over her supposed friend’s.

1 Stringing Paul along for years

Without a doubt, the most savage and confusing of all Rory’s relationship is the one she had with Paul. Introduced to us in the revival episodes, Paul had apparently been dating Rory for two years when we first meet him. Of course, Rory was sleeping with Logan while being Paul’s girlfriend, and instead of just breaking up with him, she kept putting it off. 

She kept forgetting that Paul even existed!

How does someone forget they’re in a relationship? Seeing Rory right down “Break up with P” on a post-it note instead of just giving him the courtesy of a phone call or a visit is quite simply baffling.


What else doesn't make sense about Rory's relationships on Gilmore Girls? Let us know in the comments!

Loki’s Symbiote Makes Him Marvel’s Deadliest Villain


Warning: SPOILERS for Thor #6

The stars of the Thor films and the new Venom movie may not be connected just yet, but now that Marvel has merged Loki with the first and most powerful symbiote, he finally has the power to put a permanent end to the entire universe. In the comics, at least.

The twist of seeing Loki of Asgard claim the ancient ancestor of the Venom symbiote is just the latest delivered in Marvel's Thor series, revealing issue by issue how the Marvel Universe slowly dies millions of years in the future. After King Thor and the Cosmic Wolverine turned empty galaxies into their boxing ring, things seemed to take a turn for the better when Thor charged his hammer with the Phoenix Force and obliterated Doctor Doom, the last Marvel supervillain to survive.

Little did Thor know that on the other side of the universe, his brother Loki was becoming more powerful than ever before. Needless to say, Marvel fans won't want to miss a single second of The Birth of Symbiote Loki.

Loki Hunts For The Symbiote as... a Worm?

As we alluded to above, the galaxies-wide battle between Thor and Loki over the universe's need to die or be saved stole the spotlight (for obvious reasons). But through Jason Aaron and Christian Ward's leaps forward to the end of time, an odd "Interlude" was woven, in which Ego The Living Planet roamed space in search of life-- all life, any life. We won't give a full explanation of just how the living planet immortalized in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 wound up so corrupted and powerful. We'll only explain what comic readers knew at the time: that an evil, black, mystical sword found its way into Ego's possession, amplifying his power and hunger to astronomical levels.

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Given that Jason Aaron introduced that very sword, the glimpse of Ego in that state millions of years into the future was no surprise. The small green worm on his surface, mocking the Living Planet, however... that was a mystery. And as Ego tore himself apart trying to crush the tiny foe, the worm laughed, and whispered, promising never to stop unless the Living Planet agreed to its one demand. The worm wanted All-Black, The Necrosword that filled Ego's veins with black ooze. And after almost a century of torment, Ego agreed... and the worm returned to its true form, with almost nobody left alive in the universe to witness it.

Loki Claims The Necrosword, Marvel's First Symbiote

As the worm returns to its original form, the true significance of this "Interlude" is revealed. Loki Laufeyson has survived unbeknownst to his brother back on Earth, biding his time until he could acquire The Necrosword. The relic has only been revealed as a true symbiote, born of the God of the Symbiotes from a billion years ago in recent Venom comics. When the sword first appeared in Marvel's Universe and was consumed by Ego, it was already a weapon powerful enough to let a simple alien conquer all of the gods of the universe.

Now that All-Black has been revealed as the most powerful Marvel symbiote, and is in possession of Thor's brother... well, this is the closest fans will likely get to seeing a Venom-ized Loki. And unfortunately for what remains of life in the Marvel Universe, a psychic vision has already revealed Symbiote Loki going to war with King Thor for the fate of Creation.

Now... the stage is finally set. But just where did the first symbiote come from, and how much more powerful is Loki now that he's merged with Venom's great-great-great-grandparent?

Page 2 of 2: What You Need To Know About Loki's Symbiote

How The First Symbiote Was Created

For new readers of Thor, or Marvel fans who haven't had Venom on their pull-list, the introduction of All-Black the Necrosword, the First Symbiote seems like an update to the Venom mythology that every fan should know about. But again, that revelation is only months old, which explains why movie fans aren't aware that Venom's famous logo is from the Symbiote God, not Spider-Man. A god named Knull who inhabited the abyss of Creation before the Celestial showed up to create Marvel's Universe. A god who pulled a blade from the living darkness to slay one such Celestial.

The blade was forged in the head of that dead Celestial, before Knull set out to slay all of the known universe. Eventually Knull would misplace the Necrosword, and decide that creating symbiote organisms from the same darkness would be a far better plan (even if the symbiotes would inherently fear the fire and banging sound of the forge that created their ancestor).

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But when we said Knull misplaced All-Black, we actually meant that it was taken from him by an alien named Gorr the God butcher - the famous villain of Jason Aaron's Thor: God of Thunder comic series. Using the Necrosword - assumed at the time to just be a mysterious black sword that kind of resembled a symbiote - Gorr defeated and enslaved every god and goddess in the cosmos, including Thor plucked from three different time periods.

Both the Thor series and Gorr himself were instantly marked as some of the best writing the character had seen in years, including the final showdown - where Thor realized Gorr had been taken over and turned cruel by the Necrosword, and merged with it himself (only temporarily, of course). Eventually Gorr was defeated, leaving the Necrosword to find its way to Ego the Living Planet.

The Venom series from Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman made the recent tweaks to the mythology, retroactively making All-Black a symbiote, as it appeared. Well, not just a symbiote, but The symbiote. A weapon powerful enough to defeat not one Thor, but three. And one which now resides in Loki's hand. If you're hoping that Loki has a plan other than becoming the most powerful villain to end the universe, we have some bad news. Symbiote Loki's coming battle with Thor has been predicted, prophesied, and anticipated for years.

The Symbiote Loki Has Been Predicted Before

As outlandish as this new Thor future has seemed at every new step, Loki merging with All-Black is actually the piece that makes it all fit together. Specifically, the vision seen by Ulysses of Thor and Loki's future as the final battle reached a fever pitch. At the time, seeing Loki attacking Thor with the All-Black in hand was a wild tease on its own. The same was true when Thor's granddaughters warped forward in time and witnessed the same battle in Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla (pictured above).

But frankly, knowing now that Thor is actually doing battle with a symbiote merged with Loki, and doing it after all other life in the universe has died or been extinguished takes this to a whole new level of insanity. Especially with the closing scene of Loki claiming All-Black officially ending the "Interlude" - meaning Loki's story is now on course to meet Thor's. Reading the signs, he plans to do it violently, too.

Will Thor be ready to battle Loki after getting an upgrade from All-Black, the First Symbiote? Or are Loki's words promising a true "end" destined to come true? Fans will have to keep reading the Thor series to find out. In the meantime, the fans dedicating their time to... artwork featuring Eddie Brock and Venom now have Loki to add into the mix. Even if Marvel Studios isn't interested in such a crossover anytime soon.

Thor #6 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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Warner Bros’ Six Billion Dollar Man Release Date Removed From Schedule


Mark Wahlberg's efforts to bring The Six Billion Dollar Man to the screen have hit another snag, as Warner Bros. has pulled the movie's release date off the 2020 calendar. In May, it was reported that director Damian Szifron had pulled out of the project, leaving the movie without a helmer.

The Six Billion Dollar Man, a remake of the classic 1970s TV show starring Lee Majors as an astronaut-turned-cyborg, was first announced way back in 2015 with Wahlberg in the lead role and was originally set for a 2017 release. After missing that release date by a wide margin, the movie was announced to finally go before cameras beginning in summer 2018. But that didn't happen either and now the movie's future is very much up in the air.

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With Warner Bros. shifting around its future schedule, the studio has decided to yank The Six Billion Dollar Man from its originally announced May 31, 2020 release date, as reported by THR. The move comes in conjunction with the announcement that Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to 2017's blockbuster Wonder Woman, has been moved from its previously announced release date of Nov. 1, 2019 to June 5, 2020. The original Wonder Woman, of course, also came out in that same early June window in 2017 and went on to gross $821 million worldwide.

With the removal of The Six Billion Dollar Man from the schedule, Warner Bros.' rundown of tentpole releases in summer 2020 now includes - very tentatively - the long-promised Cyborg standalone film, the recently-acquired former Sony project Barbie now starring Margot Robbie, the MonsterVerse showdown film Godzilla vs. Kong, the aforementioned Wonder Woman 1984, Green Lantern Corps and the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical In the Heights. Of course, Wonder Woman 1984 and Godzilla vs. Kong are the only two of the above-listed titles that are well underway. If their plans come to fruition, the 2020 summer season will be very DCEU heavy for WB. But the chances of both Cyborg and Green Lantern Corps arriving in summer 2020 do seem highly unrealistic at the present time.

As for Wahlberg's Six Billion Dollar Man, it appears the long-gestating project is once again on-hold. It remains to be seen if the current snag will prove to be a fatal one, or if Wahlberg and company can get things going again with a new director. Wahlberg did not exactly wow audiences with his last action vehicle Mile 22, which was brutalized by critics and limped to only $36 million domestically. It's possible that WB has lost confidence in Wahlberg's Matt Damon/Tom Cruise-like action-star potential after Mile 22 failed to find an audience.

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Source: THR

What To Expect From Making A Murderer Season 3


Part 2 of Netflix's true crime documentary series Making a Murderer is now on Netflix, and those who are gripped by Steven Avery's pursuit of exoneration may already be wondering when to expect Making a Murderer season 3. This season split its focus between the efforts of Avery's new attorney Kathleen Zellner, and his nephew Brendan Dassey's legal team, Laura Nirider and Steven Drizin. It also shows the impact of the two men's incarceration on their families - in particular, Steven Avery's ageing parents.

Opinions are divided on Making a Murderer, with some maintaining that both Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are innocent, others saying they're guilty, and others saying that they could be guilty, but there's enough reasonable doubt to demand a retrial. The post-conviction efforts for both have been slow and difficult, with their legal teams facing a major challenge in even getting their convictions given a second look, let alone overturned.

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Due to the drawn-out nature of legal proceedings, there's not much change over the two years that Making a Murderer season 2 covers - the main development being Brendan Dassey exhausting his chances at appeal after taking his case to the 7th Circuit and eventually the Supreme Court (who denied a hearing). So can we expect to see any forward movement in a potential third season?

Making A Murderer Season 3 May Not Happen

In contrast to the breathless chatter elicited by Making a Murderer's first season, reviews have criticized the second season of the show for feeling emptier, and lacking the same kind of momentum or big reveals. This was somewhat inevitable, given that so much of season 1 was spent going over Steven Avery's first conviction and release, then laying out the details of Teresa Halbach's murder and building up "characters" like sleazy prosecutor Ken Kratz and Steven's dogged defense team, Dean Strang and Jerry Buting. Though season 2 actually took longer to film, it feels like there's less ground covered and a lot less hype following its release. With that in mind, it would be understandable if Netflix decided to cap the documentary series at two seasons.

That said, filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos certainly haven't written off the possibility of a third season. Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Demos gave a "Maybe!" when asked about season 3, so it seems like the duo are up for returning to the case if Netflix decides to order season 3.

Making A Murderer Season 3's Release Date Is A Long Way Off

There was a three-year gap between the releases of Making a Murderer season 1 and season 2, and a third season could be even longer in the making. Post-conviction cases don't exactly move quickly (it's been more than 11 years since Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey were jailed for the murder of Teresa Halbach), so it would take some tie for Ricciardi and Demos to gather enough material and have enough of a story to fill another ten episodes. Much is dependent on whether or not any progress is made over the next couple of years, or whether Zellner's search for exonerating evidence proves to be fruitless. In any case, we probably shouldn't expect another season of Making a Murderer until 2020 at the very earliest - and it could take a lot longer.

Page 2: What Could Making a Murderer Season 3 Be About?

What Making A Murderer Season 3's Story Could Be

One possibility for season 3 would be to turn Making a Murderer into an anthology series, and focus on a new subject who is also believed to have been wrongly convicted. The popular true crime podcast Serial - to which Making a Murderer is often compared - took this approach, focusing on different stories in season 1 and 2, and then in season 3 dedicating each episode to a different case in order to take a more expansive look at justice in America.

However, Ricciardi and Demos may be reluctant to shift their attention away from Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey after becoming so deeply involved in their lives and cases, and growing close to their families. Demos told Cosmopolitan that "she, Laura and Kathleen are committed for the long haul," and offered an idea of what a third season of the show would look like:

"For us, the questions of continuing past this Part Two will be the same questions that were there when we finished Part One: What is the story that’s taking place at this point? Can we maintain or gain access to it and does it offer something new? So we will continue asking those questions."

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Supporters of Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery are still holding out hope that the two men will be able to walk out of prison, and if that actually happens (for either one or both of them) then that would naturally make for a very compelling season 3. Zellner has an extremely difficult task still ahead of her, but she has already managed to get 17 wrongful convictions overturned, so she probably stands a better chance than anyone of clearing Steven Avery's name (if, indeed, he is innocent).

One final possibility - and this is admittedly a long shot - would be to focus on Teresa Halbach's family and their experiences of the long, drawn-out legal proceedings surrounding the death of a loved one. Prosecutors have consistently cited the suffering of the Halbach family and their need to move on as a reason not to allow a retrial, but we haven't really seen their side of things first-hand. The sticking point, of course, is the fact that the Halbach family seem to want nothing to do with Making a Murderer (season 2's credits begin with a list of people who declined or didn't respond to requests to be included, and Teresa's friends and family make up a large number of the names). However, if Demos and Ricciardi could convince the Halbachs to speak to them, season 3 could offer an interesting counterpoint to the previous two seasons.

Until Netflix reveals whether or not Making a Murderer will continue, we'll have to settle for following the latest developments in the news, as Zellner continues to fight for a retrial.

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Wonder Woman 1984 Release Pushed From November 2019 To June 2020


Gal Gadot announces Wonder Woman 1984 is being moved back a year to a 2020 release. Warner Bros. and DC Films struck gold with the release of Wonder Woman in 2017. Gadot broke out as the new star of the DC Extended Universe and director Patty Jenkins secured her status as one of the biggest names in Hollywood. The studios moved quickly to get a sequel in motion with both women back in their respective roles.

Production on the Wonder Woman sequel is currently underway as the film was heading toward a previously announced 2019 release date. WB and DC found a strong slot, but one surrounded by tons of competition. It was an odd choice after Wonder Woman had incredible legs through the summer, and now they've decided to move the sequel back to that season.

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Wonder Woman star Gadot announced the move for Wonder Woman 1984 today. Instead of hitting theaters on November 1, 2019 as originally dated, the sequel is now set to hit theaters the following year. Warner Bros. has given the movie a prime June 5, 2020 release date that it will now work towards hitting.

Although fans will undoubtedly be a bit frustrated that they'll have to wait seven more months to see Wonder Woman 1984, it's a move that makes sense for Warner Bros and the franchise. Even though Wonder Woman went on to make over $820 million at the box office, it opened to just north of $100M. The miraculous nature of its run was the quality of the film and its cultural impact that allowed it to keep making a ton of money throughout the summer. This still could've been possible in the November 2019 slot, but would also put the sequel's legs up against SonicTerminator 6Frozen 2, and more. There's still plenty of competition in the summer of 2020, but after the success the first film had in the same window, WB saw an opportunity to move Wonder Woman 1984 back to this time frame after removing Six Billion Dollar Man from their slate.

With production still happening, this delay will ensure Jenkins and her crew have plenty of time to finish filming at a regular pace and can then have more time in post-production and do additional photography. It does limit DC's output to just two movies again in 2019 with Shazam! and Joker, while also giving 2020 a pair of female-led films. Margot Robbie's Birds of Prey is set to hit theaters in February of 2020, so it will only be a few months later when Wonder Woman 1984 gets to follow it up. All in all, the wait for Gadot's return as Wonder Woman may be a bit longer now, but Wonder Woman 1984 will likely not let us down.

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