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The Walking Dead: 6 Unanswered Questions After Season 9, Episode 10


Alpha and Daryl in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead season 9 continued this week with an Alpha-centric offering; here are all the unanswered questions from "Omega." In The Walking Dead's midseason premiere, Hilltop was left to pick up the pieces after Jesus' shocking demise and the emergence of a horrifying new enemy. They did, however, gain a small advantage when Daryl and Michonne managed to capture Lydia, one of their skin-clad pursuers. Revealed to be the daughter of the Whisperers' leader, Lydia was taken back to Hilltop and interrogated by Daryl to no avail, but young Henry eventually managed to coax some information out of the prisoner with his One Direction-esque looks and boyish charm.

Elsewhere, Lydia's mother was already making her move and lured Alden and Luke into a trap after the two-man search party set out looking for Michonne's own search party, who had previously set out to find Eugene. This week, Magna led a search party of her own to rescue Alden and Luke but ultimately failed, before two of their number had to be rescued by yet another search party.

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While the residents of Hilltop were busy coming and going, Daryl and Henry finally managed to find out more about Lydia's situation and background, but just as relations were beginning to thaw between the prisoner and her captors, Alpha came knocking. These are the most vital unresolved points from The Walking Dead's latest episode.

How Will Alpha's Arrival At Hilltop Play Out?

"Omega" concluded with Alpha's dramatic arrival at Hilltop, covered in grimy black face paint and flanked by a team of silently ominous Whisperers. In a surprisingly thick Southern drawl, Alpha states to the onlooking Tara and Yumiko that she has come to retrieve her captured daughter and although she doesn't say as much, it's clear that Alpha won't be leaving until she gets what she came for.

When it comes to these tense standoff situations, The Walking Dead tradition dictates that a firefight between the two sides is inevitable, but will that really prove to be the case here? By the episode's conclusion, Lydia has opened up about her group and Daryl has likely extracted every detail he can from his prisoner. As such, it would make little sense for Hilltop to keep Lydia when returning her to Alpha could prevent a bloody and unneeded battle and, factoring in the possibility that Alpha may have taken Luke and Alden as bargaining chips, the decision to let Lydia go free seems like a win-win for everybody.

Everybody, that is, except Lydia herself. This week's episode touched upon the abuse the teenage girl suffers at the hands of her mother and after a brief exploration of Hilltop, Lydia seemed to be acknowledging that their way of living was better than that offered by the Whisperers. Just like Carl Grimes in the comic books, Henry is also unlikely to be happy about letting Lydia go back to people who routinely mistreat her, and his resistance will likely ensure that even if a conflict is avoided on this occasion, the fight with the Whisperers has merely been delayed, not canceled.

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How Deep Does Alpha's Abuse Go?

When Lydia eventually breaks down and tells her story to Daryl and Henry, she reveals a pattern of abuse at the hands of her mother, with visible wounds running down the inside of her arm. This plot point is taken straight from the comic books, although the source material pushes Lydia's treatment by the Whisperers much further. With Carl acting as love interest instead of Henry, Lydia reveals that her mother allows other members of the group to rape her. It remains to be seen whether this revelation will come to light in a future episode of AMC's The Walking Dead or whether such territory would be too dark for television.

While the extent of the abuse Lydia has suffered is unclear, "Omega" demonstrates on several occasions that Alpha is motivated by a genuine desire to keep her daughter alive. This is seen both in the flashback scenes, where Alpha kills her own husband because she thinks he's a liability, and later when Alpha approaches Hilltop to directly request the return of her daughter. This second instance is particularly interesting, as Lydia seemed to believe that her group would abandon her, such is their policy in these situations. The fact that Alpha has sought Lydia out could mean that she's breaking her own rules to get her child back.

How Much Of Lydia's Backstory Was Accurate?

Through the use of several flashbacks, The Walking Dead revealed Lydia and Alpha's backstory. However, the entire sequence was told through the memories of Lydia as she recalls the early days of the zombie apocalypse to Daryl and Henry and, by the end of the episode, it becomes clear that Lydia was not a particularly reliable narrator and had intentionally misremembered some salient pieces of her family history.

Lydia had forced herself into believing that her father had died protecting her from a zombie bite, but eventually confessed that she had, in fact, watched on as her mother executed her other half for supposedly being "weak." It transpired that the alternate version of events was planted in Lydia's mind by Alpha herself.

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There is also an implication that other areas of Lydia's flashback are just as inaccurate, although this is not explicitly confirmed. In one of Lydia's first memories, the audience sees Alpha singing her daughter to sleep, while allowing her to softly trace a finger along a tattoo that Alpha has on her arm. Later on, however, Lydia's father is seen doing the same thing, with exactly the same tattoo on his own arm. The suggestion is that Lydia has mentally rewritten her past experiences to make them tolerable, and that her father was always the caring parent, while her mother began morphing into Alpha far earlier - and far more easily - than Lydia allowed herself to believe.

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Is Henry Right About Lydia... Or Just Lovestruck?

It's a classic case of "boy meets girl," except they meet in jail and the girl wears dried zombie skins. From the very beginning, one of The Walking Dead's central themes has been how far a person can change in the apocalypse before they are "too far gone." Many times in the show someone has become so heartless, brutal and intent on survival alone that they are no longer fit to live in a civilized community and characters often disagree as to where that point of no return lies.

In the case of Lydia, most characters, Daryl included, seem to think that the young girl is too damaged to ever take in as a permanent resident, with the Whisperers' violent and primitive lifestyle proving particularly concerning for the peaceful community. Henry, on the other hand, believes that Lydia is a fundamentally good person tainted by years of horror and abuse, and that she could be rehabilitated if offered the chance to live a relatively normal lifestyle.

Henry may just have a point. After all, Lydia passes up an opportunity to take a hammer to the boy's skull and instead begs to be put back into her cell, clearly showing some kind of affinity for either Henry, the Hilltop community, or both.

With that said, it could be argued that Henry isn't letting his brain do the thinking in this scenario. The youngster has struggled to mix with survivors his own age and has had no luck searching for a love interest. Soon after Lydia arrived, however, Henry found himself sleeping next to a girl (albeit on a cell floor) who seemed to take a genuine interest in him. There's certainly a blossoming relationship happening between the two teenagers, but Henry might want to consider the mother-in-law from hell looming in the background.

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Are Alden And Luke Still Alive?

There's a strong possibility that Alpha has kept Alden and Luke alive to engineer the return of Lydia, especially since a preview for The Walking Dead's next episode sees the unmasked leader tell Magna that both men are still unharmed. Crucially however, viewers have had no definitive on-screen confirmation as to Alden and Luke's fate and there's a fair chance that at least one of them won't be making it back to Hilltop in one piece.

Alpha is demanding the return of a single prisoner, so there's no reason for her to offer both Alden and Luke in a trade, especially if she's the uncompromising savage that Lydia paints her to be. When it comes to the introduction of a big new villain, The Walking Dead often likes to make an impact and since neither Alden or Luke are essential to the story, one of them could easily be sacrificed to establish Alpha as a genuine, deadly new threat.

This is where Connie could prove to be a vital factor in the confrontation. Lingering outside Hilltop just as Alpha and her goons were rocking up, Connie - who is also deaf - was unable to make it to the safety of Hilltop's gates in time and decided to hide in a tall field of crops. Having Connie exposed and vulnerable to nearby enemies is a tragedy waiting to happen and her presence could present Alpha with another card to play. Alpha may decide that, with Connie as a hostage, she can use Alden and Luke to set a blood-soaked example. Or perhaps Connie will make that classic Walking Dead mistake of trying to be a hero when hopelessly outnumbered, and get herself killed in the process.

Is Daryl Really Better Suited To Being A Whisperer?

During Daryl's interrogation of Lydia, the youngster makes a very controversial point, claiming that Daryl's preference for living alone makes him more suited to being a Whisperer than a resident of Hilltop. This certainly isn't the first time The Walking Dead has flirted with the idea of Daryl becoming an antagonist but the fan favorite has so far resisted any urge to truly join the dark side.

Nevertheless, does Lydia perhaps have a point? As with many of The Walking Dead season 9's mysteries, Daryl's isolation is connected to the currently-unknown events that occurred during the recent time jump, a point driven home when Lydia bluntly asks Daryl "what happened to you?" Daryl is clearly affected by Lydia's line of questioning and is forced to step outside and brood for a while.

While Daryl may not have a permanent room at Hilltop, it's impossible to imagine him slipping into a zombie skin and walking among the dead, meaning the chances of him actually joining the Whisperers are slim to none. The purpose of Lydia's likening of Daryl to her own group was perhaps not so much intended to foreshadow a future betrayal but to highlight Daryl's self-imposed exile and keep up the audience's intrigue over the X-shaped scars and Maggie's departure.


Perhaps more than any other offering this season, "Omega" provided more answers than it did questions and revealed far more about Lydia and Alpha than even the comic book series. However, the episode's Hilltop-exclusive setting meant that viewers will have to wait to catch up with the consequences of last week's reveal regarding Rosita's pregnancy and Negan's brief escape from jail.

The Walking Dead's next episode looks set to adapt Alpha's arrival outside Hilltop, a moment taken directly from the comic books. Given everything that has transpired so far this season, however, it would be unwise to assume that this pivotal exchange won't have a few unexpected twists and turns in store.

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The Walking Dead season 9 continues with "Bounty" February 24th on AMC.

Creed 2 Video: Sylvester Stallone Reveals Deleted Rocky Vs Drago Fight


Sylvester Stallone has shared a behind the scenes video from Creed 2 revealing a deleted fight scene between Rocky and Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren). Rocky faced plenty of iconic fighters throughout the franchise, but none have cast as big a shadow as Drago. The hulking Russian boxer caused the death of Rocky’s former opponent turned best friend Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) in the ring, and Rocky himself was left with brain damage following their punishing bout.

Rocky would later act as a trainer and mentor to Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), Apollo’s son. Creed 2 follows Adonis as he prepares to fight Viktor Drago, the son of Ivan, who also acts as his trainer, giving the fight a very personal edge. Some fans were worried about Drago’s return, with the character being an almost cartoonish villain in 1985’s Rocky IV but Creed 2’s grounded approach and Lundgren’s nuanced performance let audiences see a new side to the character. Lundgren later revealed a reconciliation scene of sorts was filmed between Drago and Rocky, but this was cut from the film.

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Stallone and Lundgren don’t share much screen time in Creed 2’s final cut, save for a memorable reunion scene in Rocky’s restaurant. Now Stallone has posted a behind the scenes video on his Instagram showing rehearsals for a deleted fight sequence between Rocky and Drago. Unfortunately, the actor doesn’t reveal where in the film this fight took place.

While a brief rematch between Rocky and Drago would have been a real fan-pleasing moment, Creed 2 doesn’t miss this sequence. Lundgren has stated he thinks Drago’s redemption is still being saved for Creed 3, so there’s a chance the character could reappear in a future sequel. It looks like Stallone may have thrown in the towel as Rocky, however, with the star announcing his retirement from the role following the release of Creed 2. The movie ends on an emotional note for the character, as he’s reunited with his estranged son and meets his grandchild for the first time.

That said, the star has retired from Rocky Balboa a few times in the past and has always come back, so time will tell if Creed 2 is really the end. It appears 2019 will also mark the end of his run as John Rambo, with Rambo V: Last Blood set to be his final appearance. This entry finds the character on a rescue mission to Mexico to save a friend’s daughter but finding he’s no longer the formidable fighting machine he was once was. The Expendables 4 is also due to start filming this year, with reports suggesting it will be the final entry in that series too.

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Source: Sylvester Stallone

The Big Bang Theory Series Finale Has Not Been Written Yet


The Big Bang Theory series finale has yet to be written, executive producer Eric Kaplan reveals. CBS's top-rated sitcom is finally wrapping up in the next couple of months after running for 12 successful seasons. Announced barely a month before it premiered for its last year, many were surprised about the decision especially considering how well the show is performing for the network ratings-wise. But the cancelation, as it turns out, stems from Jim Parsons (Sheldon) no longer wanting to return for a possible season 13, despite the massive payday he and his co-actors were about to get should they sign on for an additional year.

When the cancelation was first announced, the stars, as well as the people involved in the show, promised nothing short of a huge send-off for the Pasadena gang. In the first 15 episodes of its final 24, The Big Bang Theory has featured a slew of star-studded guest appearances - with a few more on the way. However, the show's two-part finale offering is still up in the air as the writers are still deciding how to end the sitcom.

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Speaking with Metro UK, Kaplan opened up about the nearing end of The Big Bang Theory, revealing that the series finale isn't written yet. The producer explained they're "trying to approach it with a lot of care because there are a lot of people for whom this show is emotionally important" especially since "there are people who see themselves in the characters and see their family members in them."  He continued:

If people have emotionally invested in us, we want to treat that with the care and respect that it deserves. And it’s supposed to be funny, that adds a whole extra thing. It’s a challenge, but it’s a good challenge. I think we can do it, but we still might screw up. ... It’s funny, you think about what is an emotionally satisfying ending and I think it’s a combination of it should be surprising, but also 'right.' When I’ve seen a movie or read a book where the ending feels really emotionally satisfying, it’s like 'Oh, I didn’t think those characters would do that but in retrospect they couldn’t have done anything else.'

Of course, aside from knowing what the future has in store for Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki); Sheldon and Amy (Mayim Bialik); Howard (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch); as well as Raj (Kunal Nayyar), fans are also looking forward to the resolution of some of lingering subplots in the series including the broken elevator. It would be nice to see Howard finally learn more about what happened with his dad as well. It's uncertain if the show will acknowledge these loose plot ends, but loyal viewers undoubtedly want them resolved.

Kaplan and the rest of the creative team behind The Big Bang Theory have the right mindset when it comes to crafting the best way to wrap up the sitcom. However, the problem with not having a set ending with just nine episodes left (take into consideration that they've shot upcoming episodes as well) is that they might not be able to properly set up the characters' respective endgames. Much has been said about how the show doesn't feel like it's working towards a concrete finale, and Kaplan's comments confirm that. That said, just because the series finale has yet to be written doesn't mean they don't have any ideas on how to cap off the show. But for fans who are already skeptical that the sitcom will deliver a satisfying ending, learning that the last two episodes of the show have yet to be written doesn't inspire confidence.

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The Big Bang Theory season 12 air Thursday nights on CBS.

Source: Metro UK

Captain Marvel Just Wants To Kill An Old Lady In Trailer Spoof


A Captain Marvel trailer spoof hilariously portrays Carol Danvers just wanting to punch an old lady.  In less than three weeks, the next film in the MCU will officially introduce fans to Brie Larson as the titular Captain Marvel - the most powerful superhero in the franchise.

Set in 1995, Captain Marvel will feature two fan-favorite characters from the MCU in (still two-eyed) Nick Fury (Sam Jackson) and Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) back when they were still young S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives. It will also introduce brand new characters, like members of Starforce, Yon Rogg, and Talos - Ben Mendelsohn's Skrull leader. Plot specifics are still being kept tightly under wraps by Marvel Studios, but the film will incorporate the Kree-Skrull War, with Earth getting caught in the middle of the conflict. So far, a couple of trailers, plus a handful of TV spots, have been released, but arguably one of the most talked-about moments in the promos is Carol punching a seemingly sweet old lady on the train. Now, some fans have created a trailer spoof showing Carol taking this scenario one step too far.

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YouTube content creator ArtSpear Entertainment made a playful spin on Captain Marvel's second trailer released back in December. While the animated parody recreates the trailer almost shot-by-shot, it tweaks some details, including Carol mistaking an old lady on the train as a Skrull - something that Fury points out. When she finds out that the lady didn't die, Carol spends most of the trailer hunting her. In fact, Carol goes to great lengths to show that she's clearly let her powers get to her head, so much so that the trailer ends with her telling Fury to punch her cat Goose. Watch the trailer below:

Admittedly, Carol punching the old lady in the first trailer for Captain Marvel caused some confusion, especially for casual fans who don't read the comics. It wasn't until the release of the second trailer where it was explained explicitly that the grandma is a Skrull - who Carol calls the "bad guys," while the Kree (which she believes she is) is a "race of noble warrior heroes." It's no secret that by the end of the film, Carol will likely no longer associate herself with any sides of the extraterrestrial conflict, and it's curious to know what will convince her that either of them aren't exactly "good."

Considering that Captain Marvel will establish Skrull infiltration in Earth and that the film is predating the events of the first Iron Man, it'll be interesting to find out which MCU heroes or villains over the years are actually shape-shifting aliens. Since Talos was seemingly able to successfully blend in to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel, one can imagine how many more characters in the franchise have been disguising themselves all along. Aside from introducing their most powerful hero - one that is expected to help take down Thanos (Josh Brolin) in Avengers: Endgame - this particular part of the movie will no doubt have the biggest impact on the franchise as it "plants seeds" for MCU's Secret Invasion.

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Source: ArtSpear Entertainment

Zack Snyder Calls Ben Affleck the ‘Best Batman Ever’ in Farewell Message


Former DCEU filmmaker Zack Snyder bids Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne goodbye with a message calling the actor the "best Batman ever." Debuting in the director's 2016 film, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the actor reprised the role in 2017's Justice League. Unfortunately, after persistent rumors for the past couple of years, it was confirmed earlier this month that he's officially out as the Caped Crusader.

Affleck was supposed to write and direct the planned The Batman standalone, where he was originally going to star as well. But he eventually stepped away from writing and directing, which led to Warner Bros. bringing in Matt Reeves to helm the project. The film has been in development for quite a while now with limited details on what fans can expect in the movie. With no word until recently that Affleck is no longer attached to it, everyone assumed that he was still going to portray the character on the solo adventure despite countless rumors regarding the his involvement. Now that it's finally confirmed he won't, Snyder sends his Batman actor off with a heartfelt message.

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Taking to his official Vero account, Snyder posted an image of Affleck during their production days of Batman V Superman's Knightmare scene. The director added a poetic caption thanking "his friend" for the opportunity to work together. He also called Affleck the "best Batman ever." Check out the full post below: 

Considering how Snyder's exit from the DCEU played out, it's difficult for fans to not get moved with this post. This is not the first time that the filmmaker showered Affleck praises for his portrayal of the iconic DC superhero, late last year, he called him the "perfect Batman." At that point, people were still holding out hope that they'd see the actor portray the Caped Crusader on the big screen through The Batman. Since Snyder had a hand in casting Affleck for the role, this post means so much more especially given how skeptical most people were when he was first cast. He proved naysayers wrong by being one of the best parts of Batman V Superman - validating Snyder's decision to pick him to play the part.

At this point, fans can only imagine what Affleck (and Snyder) could've brought to the DCEU table. Granted that he's only played the character in two films, he undoubtedly made the part his own amidst a slew of actors who have previously portrayed the part. Aside from the fact that the actor was fantastic in the role, the premise that he's an old, hardened version of the Caped Crusader compared to the younger version that the public has seen multiple times is such a unique take. Sadly, with Reeves opting or a much younger version of the character in his upcoming The Batman project, it might take a while before fans see another take on the hero similar to what Snyder was initially going for.

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Source: Zack Snyder

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