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George Clooney to Direct & Star in Netflix’s Good Morning, Midnight Adaptation

George Clooney will direct his first movie since 2017 with an adaptation of author Lily Brooks-Dalton's Good Morning, Midnight.

Guardians Vol. 3 Wants Lady Gaga to Play Rocket’s Girlfriend Lady Lylla?

It's looking like Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga could have a reunion for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

Ad Nauseam II Book Will Scare Up Horror Movie Ads from the 90s & 00s

Michael Gingold has put together a sequel to last year's book Ad Nauseam which will bring a new collection of horror ads home.

7-Year-Old Avengers: Endgame Star Asks Fans to Stop Bullying Her & Her Family

Lexi Rabe, the 7-year old actress who played Tony Stark's daughter in Endgame, released a video on social media in an attempt to stop the bullying.

Dark Phoenix Already Getting Yanked from Half Its Theaters in 3rd Week

More bad news ahead for Fox's Dark Phoenix, which is currently in its third week in theaters.
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