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Ghostbusters 2020 Wraps, Director Shares Final Cast Photo from Set

In a set photo posted to Instagram, Jason Reitman says Ghostbusters 2020 has officially completed filming.

Ghostbusters Reboot Director Paul Feig Still Wants to Make a Sequel

Paul Feig says he's still on board to make Ghostbusters 2 if "anybody ever wanted it" and remains proud of his reboot.

Sam Raimi Will Direct Island Thriller from Friday the 13th Reboot Writers

Sam Raimi is set to direct his next horror movie using a screenplay written by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon.

Jamie Kennedy Looks Back at Scream 2 and Randy’s Death

Jamie Kennedy admits he hates Randy's death in Scream 2 but says the movie is "as good as a sequel can be."

Disney’s Pinocchio Remake Eyes Back to the Future Director Robert Zemeckis

Robert Zemeckis is in early talks to take on Disney's long-gestating live-action Pinocchio remake.
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