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Atomic Blonde is a stylish, yet uneven, thriller, punctuated by a strong performance by Theron and thrilling action set pieces.

In 1989, towards the end of the Cold War amidst political unrest in Berlin, secret agent James Gasciogne (Sam Hargrave) is killed on the streets by Russian operative Yuri Bakhtin (Jóhannes Jóhannesson). The MI6, led by Eric Gray (Toby Jones) and Chief C (James Faulkner) dispatch their top-level spy Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) to Berlin with a special mission. Broughton has to locate Bakhtin and the classified list of names involved in intelligence organizations he stole, or else the conflict could endure for several more years. Upon arriving in Germany, Broughton meets up with her contact, David Percival (James McAvoy), and the two form ...

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Melissa Leo Gets An “Equalizer 2” Upgrade


Melissa Leo (“Prisoners,” “The Fighter”) is both returning and getting an upgrade in the sequel to Antoine Fuqua’s 2014 cinematic reinvention of “The Equalizer” franchise.

Leo had a small supporting role in the first film as retired CIA operative Susan Plummer who helps Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) acquire intelligence reports.

Bloody Disgusting reports that the Plummer character is much more “pivotal” and gets more screen time in the sequel which will be shot at least partially in Boston this Fall under Fuqua’s helm.

The first “The Equalizer” grossed $192 million from a $73 million budget.

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson Joins “Outlaw King”


Aaron Taylor-Johnson is being set to co-star as James Douglas in “Hell or High Water” and “Starred Up” director David Mackenzie’s “Outlaw King” for Netflix.

Chris Pine is slated to star as Robert the Bruce who succeeded in beating back King Edward I’s armies with help from Douglas, Robert’s right-hand man and the son of the first noble to support William Wallace.

Robert and Douglas learned guerrilla fighting tactics that led to years of surprise attacks, sacked castles and, ultimately, independence for Scotland.

Gillian Berrie, Steve Golin and Richard Brown are producing.

Source: Deadline

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The “Logan Lucky” Screenwriter Doesn’t Exist?


In one of the most unexpected stories of the day, multiple sources tell THR that “Logan Lucky” screenwriter Rebecca Blunt doesn’t exist.

The NASCAR race heist film, which brought filmmaker Steven Soderbergh out of retirement, was penned by this apparent first-time feature writer from the UK whom the cast didn’t meet.

Yet some exchanged emails with her, and the trade indicates this was all a carefully planned ruse. The writer’s true identity is still unknown, though suspects include Soderbergh himself and/or his wife Jules Asner. The Playlist has since followed this up with a report saying they firmly believe Asner wrote it entirely herself.

Reviews for “Logan Lucky” have been very strong, and better yet it’s set to hit cinemas very soon – August 18th.

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IMAX Ditching 3D For 2D Blockbusters


Eight years ago James Cameron’s “Avatar” made everybody want to hop onboard the immersive 3D train. These days, studios and audiences can’t seem to get away from the tech fast enough.

During an analyst call this week, IMAX Entertainment CEO Greg Foster revealed that with their own figures showing U.S. moviegoers want less 3D movies, they’re phasing the glasses out (or at least down).

He says: “The demand for 2D films is starting to exceed 3D in North America” and that audience have shown a “clear preference” for 2D – at least domestically. This means more and more sessions will be 2D only.

This will be implemented fairly quickly it seems with October’s “Blade Runner 2049” for example reportedly only going to be shown in 2D in IMAX cinemas.

They also say they intend to shorten the length of play they will give films, with more movies set to play for only one week on the company’s screens. Those that use IMAX cameras during production, ala “Dunkirk,” will understandably get preferential treatment.

Source: THR

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