Love Is Blind: Amber & Matt Plan To Open A Doggy Day Care After Coronavirus


Amber and Matt Barnett from Love Is Blind said they hope to open a doggy day care at some point in the future, after the coronavirus is over. It's a dream many couples have, but Amber and Matt are hopeful to put the plan into action.

Matt and Amber were one of two couples to wed at the end of Love Is Blind, along with fan favorites Lauren and Cameron Hamilton. Although the show filmed a year and a half before airing, they remain together to this day. During the show, all of the couples that proposed went on a romantic trip to Mexico, where Amber and Barnett first spent time together outside of the pods. They are now living in an apartment in Atlanta, the city the entire cast was pulled from. During the Love Is Blind reunion, the two talked about having some bumps in the road in their marriage. During a conversation with them, their chemistry was evident over the phone. They are enjoying time with their dog, keeping occupied during self-quarantine by watching plenty of movies. Matt also likes to play Call of Duty while Amber catches up on her romance novels.

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While talking about their future, Amber told Screen Rant"We kind of have this crazy idea that, when we are able to establish ourselves, we want to open a doggy day care. We both love animals; Matt's a huge animal person, which is one of my favorite qualities about him. Super cute." The two share a dog, Koda. They live in Battery Park and enjoy taking their dog on walks to get outside during a time when everyone is stuck inside.

Amber and Matt both have plans to do something different professionally before they open the doggy day care. Amber said she is eyeing a new career field once the coronavirus crisis subsides. Matt hopes to return to school to continue his studies. They are happy with each other and are pushing one another to be happy in their careers.

Love Is Blind is still a popular show on Netflix, and Matt and Amber's press tour has not stopped. They have plenty of time to dish about their relationship, provide advice about real world issues and bring some levity to these difficult times we find ourselves in. It looks like their marriage is going well so far, which is great because they, like the rest of the married world, will be stuck together for the foreseeable future.

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Love Is Blind: Would Jessica Have Even Married Barnett If He’d Proposed?


Would Jessica have even married Barnett if he'd proposed on Love Is Blind? Jessica represented a high number of women who find it necessary to change themselves in order for the cool guy to take interest in them.

Netflix made the bold decision to steer clear from its usual layout and it paid off. The streaming service released each episode by chunks instead of the first season all at once. The popular streaming platform made the decision to release a dating reality show of its own called Love is Blind. The premise of the show is for singles to try and find a significant other to fall in love with; the only catch is the singles must do this without ever laying eyes on one another. The couples get to know one another when they meet in their separate pods with only a thin wall separating them from the other.

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Jessica was one of the easiest women on the show to mock, as she seemed to revert to how one would date when they were 16 and in high school. She tried balancing feelings for two men, but obviously chose wrong when it came time to make a decision. Then quickly, she started to regret not choosing Matt Barnett.

The saga started when she and Mark Cuevas bonded pretty quickly over everything Chicago in their designated pod time. Fans felt that they had watched an instant connection and the couple would make it all the way to the end. Instead, Barnett lured Jessica into a web of deceit as he was, in reality, flirting with three girls at one time. In the end, Barnett ended up picking a wild card, Amber Pike, who he seemed to be more scared of than in love with.

But the question remains, would Jessica marry Barnett if he had actually proposed. While she did find numerous problems with Mark, fans also believe that she would have found the same amount of finite problems with Matt. He was a frat boy who did not know how to function outside the bachelor's life. Jessica, for the most part, was a put-together woman - we will forgive the baby voice - and wanted a solid relationship. Jessica seemed to get caught up in the fun and adventure that the show offered. Who in their right mind wouldn’t have lowered their inhibitions in Mexico and tried flirting with a cute guy; probably should make sure he wasn’t married, but we will blame one too many shots of tequila for that particular injustice.

In the end, Jessica would have made the right decision and come to terms that Matt was not her soul mate, as he was the definition of immature and everything she said she wasn’t into. And let’s be honest, she dodged a huge bullet with Matt asking Amber. Those two are a match made in country heaven.

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Married At First Sight 10: Could Michael Opening Up Save Marriage With Meka?


Season 10 of Married at First Sight has been a bumpy ride for the five couples. Married couple Meka and Michael have not been exempt from the drama. Michael's unclear background and Meka's expectations from her husband has presented many problems. Recently, Michael has taken to listening to Meka's concerns and opening up more. But will it be enough to keep their marriage together?

Meka and Michael's relationship has maintained an air of uncertainty. Beginning with Meka's claims that Michael told her off camera that if they didn't have sex at their honeymoon the marriage wouldn't last. When Meka brought this up on camera, Michael denied the allegation. Things became more interesting with Michael's inability to prove he has a job. Since the season started, he has claimed to have had three different jobs, a principal, an administrative position and supposedly a yoga teacher. When Meka went to the yoga studio to follow up about his job as a yoga instructor, she was told he didn't have a class. His lack of honesty has led to several arguments, but each time he has found a way to make it up to Meka.

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Meka has repeatedly shared her expectations, never hesitating in letting Michael know what she thinks he should be doing as her husband and where he has fallen short. Though she brings up valid points, his dishonesty about work and not being open, her vocal tone, over talking, and approach to the matters can reasonably explain Michael shutting down.

In the latest episode, Michael finally shares that he doesn't like how Meka talks to him. He cuts her off, sternly stating "Can I go first," then goes on to explain why he shut down. When Michael shared with Meka that his uncle passed away, he felt she was not empathic to his pain and over all feels she isn't emotionally supportive. This conversation led to the two reconciling and being on better terms. The problem is we've seen this cycle before.

Time and time again, Meka has vocalized what she thinks Michael should be doing to prove his love for her and Michael eventually gives in. He does what she wants and then next thing we know, he's doing some grand gesture to win her over until the next problem or new job comes about. Meka's show an inability to remove her expectations and hold a two-sided conversation along with Michael's apparent lies and inconsistency makes it difficult to see how these two will last.

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PS5 Controller Fan Art Out Of Control, Sony Should Take Advantage


The official PlayStation 5 controller design was unveiled yesterday, but fans are already taking it upon themselves to offer a variety of different color options. Information is slowly beginning to get revealed about Sony's newest video game console, and although players don't yet know what it will cost or what it will look like they have been eagerly anticipating the PlayStation 5's release window of Holiday 2020.

Sony has been surprisingly tight-lipped leading up to the release of the PlayStation 5, forcing fans to come up with their own ideas and designs for what the PS5 may look like. After the new PlayStation 5 DualSense controller was revealed, many people were quick to point how how different the design of the new PS5 controller was to the previous iterations of Sony's DualShock devices, with some going as far as to create an all-black PlayStation 5 controller in order to make it feel more familiar. In the twenty four hours since then, fan designs have only gotten more ridiculous and outlandish.

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As recently accumulated by IGNthere have been a ton of fan PS5 controller color design concepts flying around the internet since the official version's release yesterday, and some of them are pretty cool looking. Check out some of our favorites below, including one from Elca_Gaming on Twitter which looks like the perfect throwback to Sony's earliest video game system and some designs from Reddit user u/dormstreams that take the classic idea of themed controllers to a whole new level:

A search for PS5 controller color variations on any popular social media site will provide a litany of results, proving that Sony is really missing out by only showing fans one two-toned version of their next-gen controller. It appears that fans would very much appreciate the ability to customize their PS5 controllers, evidenced by all the different ideas designers have already come up with, and Sony could make some serious money by taking advantage of this. Offering a variety of color variations for the PS5's controller, much like Apple has previously offered with their iPhone products, could be an extremely intelligent financial option for the company.

Despite the lack of official announcements regarding the future of the PS5's design so far, it's likely they will. Sony has long offered players different versions and variations of console and controller designs, and it's unlikely the upcoming PlayStation 5 will only ever be available in one color. Whether the company goes as in-depth as some of the fan artists above have remains to be seen, but if they deliver anything half as cool as Elca_Gaming or u/dormstreams did then PlayStation 5 players will eventually be in for a treat.

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Crowd Reaction To Avengers: Endgame’s Portals Scene Is Awesome


The crowd goes wild during the Avengers: Endgame portals scene at the film's opening night. It's been almost a year since the blockbuster hit theaters, and fans are getting nostalgic over it, especially considering the predicament the world is in due to the coronavirus pandemic. Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo with the story written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, it's both a critical and massive success, becoming the highest-grossing film of all time with a total of $2.798 billion haul.

Picking up after the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War, Endgame also marked the swan song for some of MCU's founding heroes. Following a five-year time jump, the surviving heroes banded together again for a time heist in the hopes of bringing back all those who were snuffed out of existence during Thanos' snap. They succeeded in accomplishing their goal. On the brink of losing their battle against Mad Titan and his minions, all of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America's allies came back one by one through Doctor Strange and the other sorcerers' portals leading to the film's "Avengers assemble" moment. Fans can now relive that experience thanks to a reaction video from the crowd at the movie's opening night at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood.

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Courtesy of Scott Gustin on Twitter comes this particular bit from Endgame with the audience's cheering incorporated. The excitement from fans becomes more and more explicit as they begin to understand what's happening, all leading to Captain America finally saying: "Avengers Assemble." Watch the clip below:

Since the Avengers team was established in 2012, fans had been waiting for Captain America to deliver the iconic line, the same way he did in the comic books. There were several moments throughout the years when he could've said it. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Steve almost did as he rounded up his new recruits, but before he can finish, the film cuts to black. Endgame was chock full of memorable moments, which was intentional from the filmmakers' parts since they wanted the culminating project to be a love letter to their loyal followers. However, this scene was particularly special since it's essentially a visual representation of what Marvel Studios built in the last decade. MCU architect Kevin Feige said this was the moment he'd been working toward in the last 10 years since the universe was born in Jon Favreau's Iron Man.

Those who worked on Avengers: Endgame previously revealed they thought about varying ways of how this portals moment would be executed. In the end, they nailed the most effective way to do it. Granted it seems odd that Thanos would just watch idly while the Avengers assembled, putting a focus on each dead hero coming back allowed fans to really soak in this glorious moment. Marvel Studios had their job cut out for them to deliver a satisfying conclusion to the Infinity Saga and just by this action sequence alone, they delivered on that front as evidenced by the deafening cheers from the crowd during the Avengers: Endgame opening night.

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Source: Scott Gustin

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