Wonder Woman Review


Wonder Woman is a beautifully directed superhero origin story that digs into Diana’s transformation from naive warrior to inspiring hero.

Set in the DC Extended Universe established by the likes of Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman is an origin story in the most literal sense. Framed by present day sequences, Wonder Woman follows Diana (Gal Gadot) from her childhood on Themyscira through her transformation into the superhero of modern times. Young Diana grew up on Themyscira as the daughter of the land’s ruler, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), and trained under the tutelage of her aunt, General Antiope (Robin Wright). But everything she knows changes when a man crash ...

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Wonder Woman Spoilers Discussion

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While our readers are already talking about Wonder Woman in the comments section of our Wonder Woman review, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers and plot twists/reveals without worrying about ruining director Patty Jenkins’ first DC Extended Universe entry for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen Wonder Woman already. If you haven’t seen the latest DCEU movie yet, then we would recommend that you don’t read the comments here until you have. Other than that, feel free to discuss Wonder Woman and all its many surprises (including, its connections to other DCEU films).

Want more Wonder Woman goodness? Check out some of our Wonder Woman-related ...

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Gotham Season 3 Finale Trailer: Bruce’s Destiny is Calling


Gotham wraps up season 3 next week with a two-hour finale that will bring the conflict between Bruce, the Villains and the Court of Owls to a head. This season’s big bad, the mysterious Court of Owls aren’t just facing off against Bruce (David Mazouz) and the GCPD, but against the armies of villains that have risen over the course of this season. The Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) and Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) have been on a roller-coaster ride of love and betrayal this season, but recent episodes have seen them teaming up against the Court of Owls.

Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) has crawled back out of the woodwork, the various ‘freaks’ created at Indian Hill are being mobilized by Penguin and Poison Ivy (Maggie Geha), and just to make the finale even more interesting, it seems that injecting themselves with the Tetch virus is the new thing to do in ...

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Patty Jenkins Explains Why Wonder Woman Isn’t Rated R


Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins reveals that she had no other rating plans for the movie other than it being PG-13. In this day and age where it seems that being a rated R comic book movie is no longer frowned upon because of its constricting target audience, Jenkins made it clear she wanted the upcoming DC Extended Universe film to be kid-friendly because she knows how important it is for young girls to see Diana Prince’s story.

Over the last couple of years, R-rated superhero movies have proven their ability to succeed at the box office. However, Jenkins made a call to make sure that despite the gory World War ...

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Patty Jenkins Explains Why Wonder Woman Isn’t Rated R

Gotham: Pretty Hate Machine Review & Discussion

Gotham Season 3 Review Banner

[This is a review of Gotham season 3, episode 20. There will be SPOILERS.]

The days are numbered for Gotham season 3, and after this week, it appears that viewers may have seen the last of the Court of Owls, at least for now. With that storyline deftly coming to a close, the show is poised to break into an even bigger can of worms when it returns for season 4. But before that happens, there is the little matter of the season-long arc involving the Alice Tetch virus as well as the promised showdown between two of the series’ best villains; namely, Penguin ...

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