Archive for January 1, 2019

Replicas Review: Keanu Reeves Makes Yet Another Must-Watch Disasterpiece

Keanu Reeves plays mad scientist in a hilariously weird thriller about cloning dead people in Replicas.

The Drone Trailer: A Drone Gets Possessed by A Deranged Serial Killer

The first trailer for The Drone is here, which looks like Child's Play, but with a drone instead of a killer doll.

Venom Honest Trailer Bites Big Holes Into the Unlikely Blockbuster

The latest edition of Honest Trailers takes on Venom which, despite doing big business has quite a few problems to contend with.

Chance the Rapper Saved a Man from a Burning Car and Kept It a Secret

Chance the Rapper pulled a man from burning car wreckage this past Easter and the news is only coming out now.

Every MCU Movie Aquaman Has Already Beaten at the Box Office

Aquaman has been killing it at the box office and it's already surpassed quite a few Marvel movies worldwide.
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