Archive for January 4, 2019

The Predator Co-Writer Also Hates the Super-Suit Ending

Shane Black's The Predator didn't do as well as the studio would have liked at the box office and has since suffered backlash from fans.

New Batman to Be Cast Before End of the Year?

A new report states that The Batman aims to finally shoot in November, and it won't be Ben Affleck starring in the title role.

Rami Malek Is Done Doing Karaoke After Bohemian Rhapsody

After portraying Freddie Mercury during the production of Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek is finished singing for a while.

Does the Glass Shyamalan Twist Connect to Signs or The Sixth Sense?

It looks like M. Night Shyamalan could be creating the ultimate Shyamalanaverse right in front of us.

Danny DeVito Joins Jumanji 3

Danny DeVito has joined Jumanji 3 in an unspecified role, alongside Dwayne Johnson and the recently cast Awkwafina.
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