Archive for January 12, 2019

Mallrats 2 Was Turned Down by Netflix, Hulu & Showtime

Mallrats 2 was pitched to a number of platforms two years ago, says director Kevin Smith, who still holds out hope that it will happen.

Samuel L. Jackson Calls Unbreakable Era Shyamalan a Harsh Dictator

Glass was a completely different experience for Samuel L. Jackson, noting that M. Night Shyamalan has mellowed out quite a bit.

Adult Life Skills Review: Jodie Whittaker Shines in Quirky Film

A grieving woman lives in her mother's shed and makes short films with her thumbs.

Bird Box Challenge Results in Blindfolded Car Crash, Cops Issue Warning

A Utah teen took part in the Bird Box challenge while driving last week and crashed her car in the process.

X-Force, Gambit & Doctor Doom Movies All Dead at Fox?

It's beginning to look like the Disney and Fox deal may have killed off three anticipated Marvel projects.
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