Archive for August 1, 2019

Mythical Final Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg Has Been Partially Discovered

James Gunn says one clever Marvel Cinematic Universe fan is on the right track after five long years of hunting for the elusive Easter Egg.

Jared Leto Wanted as a Serial Killer in Denzel Washington’s The Little Things

Jared Leto might star opposite Denzel Washington and Rami Malek in the upcoming thriller The Little Things.

The Purge 5 Gets TV Director Behind Luke Cage & Snowpiercer Series

Blumhouse Productions has tapped Everardo Gout to helm The Purge 5, which is set to arrive next summer.

American Dreamer Trailer: Jim Gaffigan Goes Dark in Kidnapping Thriller

Saban Films has released a new trailer for the upcoming thriller, American Dreamer and it looks like an intense ride.

Mighty Thor Comics Are Helping Pump Thunder Into Natalie Portman’s Veins

Thor: Love and Thunder star Natalie Portman showcased what she's reading to prepare for her return to the MCU.
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