Archive for August 5, 2019

Why Avengers: Endgame Producer Wanted Thanos’ Head Chopped Off

The idea to kill off Thanos at the beginning of Endgame was a controversial decision, but it paid off in the end.

Venom 2 Officially Locks in Director Andy Serkis

Sony has tapped Andy Serkis to take on the highly anticipated Venom 2, which will be the director's first comic book movie.

Deadpool 2 Director on Turning Franchise PG-13: We’ll Find a Happy Ground

David Leitch doesn't believe Deadpool 3 needs to be R-rated, but he thinks there's a way to make everyone happy.

Keanu Reeves Infiltrates Forrest Gump & Sesame Street in Nightmarish DeepFake Videos

Keanu Reeves is all over the place in his career, but Deepfake technology has taken things to the next level.

The Batman Narrows in on John David Washington, Will He Play Two-Face?

It's been reported that John David Washington may be joining Robert Pattinson in The Batman, but who will he play?
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