Archive for August 17, 2019

Hayley Atwell Holds Agent Carter’s Endgame Ending in High Esteem

Avengers: Endgame saw Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers finally get their slow dance after all these years.

Mario & Yoshi Fan-Art Pulls a Body-Swap Switcheroo and It’s Disturbing

Nintendo legends Mario and Yoshi have gone through some sort of sick transformation, thanks to new fan art.

Spider-Man: Far from Home Is Sony’s Biggest Box Office Hit of All Time

By the end of the weekend, Spider-Man: Far From Home will have beaten out Skyfall to become Sony's new crown jewel.

Young Girl’s Bill & Ted Dream Comes True Thanks to Keanu Reeves & Make-A-Wish

When Keanu Reeves learned about Emily's wish to meet him, the actor flew her to the Bill & Ted 3 set.

Zombieland Double Tap Retro Website Resurrects Tom from Myspace

Tom from MySpace is back in the new parody website for the highly anticipated Zombieland Double Tap.
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