Archive for August 26, 2019

Some Marvel Stars Really Want Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Back in the MCU

Jeremy Renner was the first to chime in and ask Sony to continue to share Tom Holland's Spider-Man with Marvel Studios.

Woody Harrelson Returns for Venom 2, Will We See Carnage?

Venom 2 cinematographer Robert Richardson confirms Woody Harrelson will be back as Cletus Kasady.

Mortal Kombat Reboot Locks in Its Kano & Sonya Blade

James Wan's upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot has cast two more of its key roles, along with one more undisclosed role.

Anthony Michael Hall Is Tommy Doyle in Halloween Kills

Blumhouse's Halloween Kills is starting to fill out its cast and has added a character from John Carpenter's original movie.

Which Rise of Skywalker Dark Rey Theory Do You Like Best?

Theories abound about Rey's turn to the Dark Side in Rsie of Skywalker after new footage is released from D23.
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