Archive for September 17, 2019

Halloween Kills & Halloween Ends: Jamie Lee Curtis Breaks Down What to Expect

Franchise star Jamie Lee Curtis explains what to expect from Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends.

Seann William Scott Gives American Pie 5 Update, Teases Goon 3 Possibilities [Exclusive]

We talked to Seann William Scott about the possibility of exploring two of his iconic characters again in American Pie 5 and Goon 3.

Rihanna Addresses The Batman Poison Ivy Rumors, Admits Her Obsession for the Villain

Rihanna has shot down rumors of her casting in The Batman but says she would love to play Poison Ivy.

Rise of Skywalker Leaks Tease New Secrets & Discoveries, Especially for Finn

Some new plot info has spilled out for Rise of Skywalker and it has some implications for John Boyega's Finn.

Blumhouse’s Invisible Man Reboot Wraps, Director Shares Final Set Photo

Director Leigh Whannell reveals filming has wrapped on The Invisible Man reboot, with the editing process about to get underway.
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