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Bachelor in Paradise: Sarah Hyland Won’t Make Cameo | Screen Rant


Wells Adams recently said his fiancée Sarah Hyland won't ever make a cameo on Bachelor in Paradise because she's too expensive. A fixture on the show as the lovable bartender who often gives advice to the revolving door of contestants, Adams is content being the only one in his relationship to appear on Paradise.

The 35-year-old Los Angeles resident got engaged to Hyland, the Modern Family actress, in July of this year. They have been dating since 2017. Although Adams plays a supporting role on Bachelor in Paradise, the audience has gotten to see how he's grown through his time on The Bachelorette and Paradise. His journey began on JoJo Fletcher's season, where he was too shy to open up to her and it cost him when she sent him home on their one-on-one. He returned that year to Bachelor in Paradise, and he was pulled in many different directions as multiple women tried to date him. He left Paradise after breaking it off with Ashley Iaconetti (things have worked out pretty well for her, as well). After three seasons with Jorge Moreno as the bartender of the show, Adams took over during season four. He was single then, but was happy to be making drinks instead of getting involved with the drama. He did share one kiss with Danielle Maltby in his first stint as a bartender, but he started dating Hyland shortly after that season concluded.

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In a conversation with Us, Adams said Hyland isn't going to be on Bachelor in Paradise anytime soon. He said, "I don’t think The Bachelor could afford her to come on the show." Adams also said it's not likely that he and Hyland would have their own reality television spin-off. It would surely draw interest from Bachelor Nation and Adams is down for it, but it's not something that would fit in Hyland's hectic schedule. Adams said, "Her career is just starting to go crazy. I think that that’s just something that I don’t think she would ever want to do."

Adams admitted he's not 100 percent on going on a reality television show with his fiancée. He told Us, "To be honest with you, I don’t know if I would ever want to do that either, just because that’s just letting people really into your life, and that’s a little scary."

Any reality show with Adams and Hyland as the main characters would surely be a hit in the ratings because it would pull from the Bachelor in Paradise audience as well as fans of Hyland. The problem is that Hyland is too famous to make time for cameras to invade their home. As both Adams and Hyland would likely divulge, it's a good problem to have.

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Source: Us

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