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Coming 2 America Won’t Be R-Rated Like Original Says Eddie Murphy

Dolemite Is My Name is Eddie Murphy's first R-rated comedy in twenty years, but he isn't going to stick with for Coming 2 America.

Paula Abdul Reveals How Sacha Baron Cohen Tricked Her Into Being in Bruno

Sacha Baron Cohen and crew had set Paula Abdul up to accept an international award in 2009's Bruno.

Is Disney Trying to Buy Spider-Man from Sony for $5 Billion?

The plot may have thickened in the world of the Marvel Studios and Sony Spider-Man deal.

Chelsea Stardust’s Satanic Panic Gets a Blu-ray, DVD Release This Month

RLJE Films will release Satanic Panic on DVD and Blu-ray October 22, 2019.

Lance Henriksen Goes Behind His Western Eminence Hill in New Featurette [Exclusive]

Legendary actor Lance Henriksen discusses Eminence Hill, his love of Western movies and why Americans can still identify with them.
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