Archive for October 18, 2019

Sam Raimi Will Direct Island Thriller from Friday the 13th Reboot Writers

Sam Raimi is set to direct his next horror movie using a screenplay written by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon.

Jamie Kennedy Looks Back at Scream 2 and Randy’s Death

Jamie Kennedy admits he hates Randy's death in Scream 2 but says the movie is "as good as a sequel can be."

Disney’s Pinocchio Remake Eyes Back to the Future Director Robert Zemeckis

Robert Zemeckis is in early talks to take on Disney's long-gestating live-action Pinocchio remake.

MoviePass Rises from the Grave to Charge Former Users’ Credit Cards

Several former customers have reported charges from MoviePass following the service being shut down.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Scored Big First Weekend with 6.5M Netflix Viewers

Vince Gilligan's return to the world of Breaking Bad has been welcomed by fans and critics with open arms.
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