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Avatar 2 Team Starts Tweeting Memes in Response to Critics

James Cameron is preparing Avatar 2 for release at the moment and the social media team behind the movie has a sense of humor.

The Lighthouse Review: A Brilliantly Acted Descent Into Madness

Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe astonish in director Robert Eggers period psychological thriller.

Slashstreet Boys Are Back with a New Boy Band Horror Jam for Halloween

Freddy, Jason, Ghostface, Leatherface, and Michael Myers are back to serenade us with their new Halloween song.

Akira Live-Action Remake Still Happening, Taika Waititi Will Direct After Thor 4

The Akira live-action movie has been put on hold for at least a couple of years, but Taika Waititi will get around to it.

Is Marvel’s Inhumans Getting a Disney+ Reboot with Vin Diesel as Black Bolt?

Anson Mount discusses rumors that the Inhumans will be rebooted within the MCU in the future.
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