Archive for October 26, 2019

Obey: John Carpenter’s They Live Gets Retro-Style Action Figures from Super7

Collect the Male Ghoul and the Female Ghoul from John Carpenter's They Live with new Super7 action figures going on sale next week.

Black and Blue Director Deon Taylor Talks His New, Timely Cop Thriller [Exclusive]

Deon Taylor talks his big year as a director, his new movie Black and Blue and more in our exclusive interview.

Joker Gets R-Rated Response from Ryan Reynolds After Breaking Deadpool Record

Todd Phillips' Joker has beaten Deadpool 2 to become the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time.

Code 8 Trailer Teams Stephen Amell & Robbie Amell in Super-Powered Thriller

Fear becomes the most dangerous power in the sci-fi thriller Code 8, coming to theaters this December.

Infinity War Cut a Really Gross Captain America Scene Involving Mashed Potatoes

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige wasn't into the idea of watching Steve Rogers eat mashed potatoes with a little something extra added.
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