Archive for October 31, 2019

Godzilla Life-Sized Theme Park Attraction Is Stomping Into Japan

Godzilla is going to terrorize Japanese theme park visitors as they try and stop the monster from taking over.

Ryan Reynolds Eats Robert Downey Jr. for Lunch in Fantasy Football Feud

Ryan Reynolds has a pretty stellar fantasy football record and it looks like Robert Downey Jr. might be more than a little jealous.

Spawn Reboot May Finally Get Going Thanks to Joker Success

Todd McFarlane is still trying to get his R-rated Spawn reboot going and Joker may end up being the thing that makes it happen.

Friday the 13th Beer Is Brewed with Water from Real Camp Crystal Lake

Roger Krzeminski has brewed a batch of beer using actual water from the real Camp Crystal Lake in New Jersey.

Kim Kardashian Is Legally Blonde in Her Elle Woods Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes are starting to flood in and it looks like Kevin Hart and Kim Kardashian may have already won 2019.
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