This article contains spoilers for Marauders #10.

The X-Men have developed a brand new way to make whiskey. The entire mutant race has gathered on the living island of Krakoa, and this newfound unity is affording the mutants a chance to build a culture and society all of their own - including the chance to make their own whiskey.

The mutant inventor named Forge has been using the opportunity to innovate new technologies. He started out by simply adapting existing tech, installing technology in the Blackbird Jet that allowed Cyclops to project his optic blasts through the weapons system. He's then moved on to developing organic weapons based on Krakoan bioorganisms, while synergizing mutant powers to spectacular effect. But some of his ideas are more than a little amusing.

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Take the example of this week's Marauders #10. It seems Forge has founded Port Genosha, the first distillery on Krakoa. Forge set himself the challenge of making the world's best whiskey, a goal that should really have taken years. Technically, it only takes days to distill a barrel of whiskey, but the drink is at its best when it has matured over months, years, or even decades. Traditionally, whiskey is aged in oak barrels that are either toasted or charred when they are built, creating a layer of charcoal that filters out the drink's unwanted flavors. Meanwhile, the wood adds flavor, infusing the liquor with lignin and vanillin (for vanilla flavors), lactones (for buttery taste), and tannins or 'wood spice' to make the whiskey dry. Realistically, then, Forge should only have been able to achieve his goal in about 50 years' time.

But Forge has an advantage; he lives on an island of mutants. One of those is Tempo, a former terrorist and member of the Mutant Liberation Front, who has the power to manipulate the flow of time. Forge had Tempo use her powers to age the barrels of whiskey by 50 years after it was newly made. In Marauders #10, Forge then has the whiskey tested by Sebastian Shaw, who rightly considers himself something of a connoisseur. "You two, working in concert, are the true miracle workers of Krakoa," Shaw decided after tasting a batch. In Shaw's view, this is truly mutantdom's finest work.

This may seem like something of a joke, but it's actually quite cool seeing a society using superpowers in such a mundane way. This is exactly what you would expect from an island like Krakoa, where the X-Men's powers are a rich natural resource. Frankly, this has always seemed one of the strangest aspects of superhero comics; why wouldn't this happen? It's nice to see it change, even if - ironically - Tempo herself is no fan of whiskey, and thus is unimpressed at Sebastian Shaw's praise.

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