Archive for June 7, 2020

Elmer Fudd Loses His Rifle in New Looney Tunes Series for HBO Max

HBO Max is taking a stand against gun violence in their new take on Looney Tunes, which debuted last week.

Kijimi’s Cantina Band Revealed in Unused The Rise of Skywalker Art

J.J. Abrams was under a lot of pressure to get The Rise of Skywalker done, which resulted in leaving some things behind.

Suicide Squad Ayer Cut Image Has a New Look at Joker and Harley Quinn

David Ayer is out teasing his own original cut of Suicide Squad, which would have had more of Jared Leto's Joker.

Tenet Actor Kenneth Branagh Isn’t Sure If He’s the Villain

Kenneth Branagh admits he is unsure if he is the villain of Tenet.

Bruce Lee Documentary Director Is Torn Over Quentin Tarantino’s Take on Martial Arts Icon

Bruce Lee's documentary maker comments on Quentin Tarantino's portrayal of the actor.
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