Archive for September 13, 2020

Jason Momoa Says His Dune Fight Scenes Are the Best He Has Ever Done

Actor Jason Momoa talks about the scale of the new Dune movie and how his fight sequences are different than anything he's done in his career.

Tom Holland Gives Uncharted Update from the Set

The Uncharted production is officially underway after years of delays with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg starring.

Darren Lynn Bousman Explains How Chris Rock Brought Him Back to the Saw Franchise [Exclusive]

Darren Lynn Bousman explains how he got involved with Spiral, the upcoming sequel in the long-running horror franchise, Saw.

Watch Teenage Keanu Reeves Report on a Teddy Bear Convention in Viral Video

Years before Keanu Reeves was John Wick or Ted Theodore Logan, he was reporting on a teddy bear convention in Canada.

Mark Ruffalo Teases Chris Evans About His Deleted NSFW Content

Chris Evans accidentally shared a lot more with his Instagram followers than he initially intended over the weekend.
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