Archive for September 19, 2020

New The Batman Art Arrives in Honor of Batman Day

Matt Reeves is currently back to work on The Batman after a few large setbacks, but he took some time out of his busy schedule to celebrate Batman Day.

Lego Unveils 1989 Batwing Set in Celebration of Batman Day

Based on Michael Keaton's Batwing as seen in Tim Burton's Batman, builders can even mount the incredible new Lego set on their wall.

The Real Reason Elf 2 Will Never Happen According to James Caan

James Caan originally thought working on the first Elf movie back in 2003 was going to kick off a franchise.

Baby Yoda Brings Firefighters Comfort While Fighting Oregon Wildfires

After 5-year-old Carver donated a Baby Yoda to local firefighters, The Mandalorian star has been bringing comfort to many frontline workers battling the state's wildfires.

Christopher Nolan Goes to the Movies Twice to Support Theaters, But Didn’t Watch Tenet

Christopher Nolan wants movie theaters to stay in business so he went to two different locations to watch the latest releases.
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