Archive for September 23, 2020

Doctor Strange 2 Fan Art with Alternate Nick Fury Grabs Bruce Campbell’s Attention

Ash vs Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell offered a curious response to online fan art casting him as an alternate version of Nick Fury.

Netflix’s Over the Moon Trailer Blasts Off in Search of a Space Goddess

Netflix has released a new trailer for the animated feature Over the Moon from director Glen Keane.

Kit Harington Refuses to Play Another Hero Role Like Jon Snow After Game of Thrones

Jon Snow actor Kit Harington explains why he will not do a similar role Again.

Could Sharon Stone Replace Kim Cattrall in Sex and the City 3? Cynthia Nixon Has Some Thoughts

Kim Cattrall has made it abundantly clear over the past few years that she has zero interest in returning for Sex and the City 3.

Gal Gadot Replaces Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman 1975 Deepfake Video

Lynda Carter starred as the original Diana Prince on the small screen in the Wonder Woman TV show from the 1970s.
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